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107 Kingdom Hearts III Facts YOU Should Know! | The Leaderboard

Kingdom Hearts III has been a long time coming. It's been more than a decade but Square Enix has finally delivered on the latest entry in the Disney / Final Fantasy mashup. Sora, Donald, Goofy and all of your favorites from the original Kingdom Hearts games are back in action. This is 107 Facts about Kingdom Hearts 3 on The Leaderboard!Watch All of our 107 Game Facts Videos Don't miss our videos, make sure you subscribe!have a dotcom!Us on TWITTERUs on INSTAGRAMUs on FACEBOOKNOT forget to visit our YouTube friends! Channel Frederator - Hangover - to tell us something? Write an email. theleaderboard@frederator.comWant to work at Frederator? See our job openings and internships.up for EMAIL UPDATESfor This Episode-----------------------------------Researched by: Written by: Hosted by:Edited by: Executive Producers: Carrie Miller, Fred Seibert, Jeremy RosenProducers: Adrian Apolonio, Nicholas FungHead Writer: Casey GonzalezLead Graphic Designer: Alexandria BatchelorProgramming Manager: Cade HiserMusic Provided by Epidemic Sound:Your Home For Video Game Facts!The Leaderboard offers fascinating insights, development history, tips & tricks, as well as the latest in news and commentary about your favorite games past and present.We cover a mix of AAA titles and indie releases with compelling characters and deep stories.We upload about 7 times a week Chat with us on Discord (The Leaderboard Fam)

lyn baker

Is Luke going to be in the Try not to laugh tournament? He is the best!

Kadarius Hampton

So ditto can mega evolve to Mew 2

Ed Brandee Higgins

Yall should do Patrick Mahomesfrom the Chiefs.


Finally, a video with no annoying commentary voice!! There are new easter eggs too not just the ones repeated in a dozen videos so far.

Spyker Nova

The noise that the first UFO makes will be forever burned into my brain.


idk if this helps anyone but the way i got rid of my anxiety was to confront it. to beat it! i would put myself in situations where i could feel an attack coming and i would practice controlled breathing! i didnt take no medication or anything and it worked. i no longer have attacks. you guys have to beat it! i know its scary, my first attack was when i was graduating and i was in the bathroom thinking i was gonna die, it scarred me but you guys can BEAT ANXIETY AND GAD! i promise! just be strong and remember WHEN YOUR HEART BEATS STRONGLY YOURE NEVER MORE ALIVE. so dont think ur dying. ur very much living. ❤️❤️❤️❤️

Achilles Jade Desamito

All of them are so awesome 👍👍👍

Alexa Reynoso

He says that he was poor in his child hood but now Starbucks is expensive as HELL .....no hate

Video game but are on a baseball field

Rajani Nepal

yankees o

a macdonald

He's gone...


Count your blessings

Alan Ortega

It was the Venezuelians

Joey Flores

That rolls royce

Throws the spoon at a women and hits her in the mouth


Wait Panda has skin i thought he was a real panda :P

Cookie Hitman

Poor 🐼


Ear porn( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

Easton Knight

And when the newest riddle helmet is the speed

Ethan Dentler

So guru, do you find all these Easter eggs yourself? Or do you look them up?

DeEz NuTs

does eny one realize the dad looks like jhonny jhonny's dad? but no joke that was so sad thoe omg i hope u get over it that was sad

Churro Chu Heartuuu

Why’d we change the video name? I thought it was a new video, lol.

Matthew Brune

in all fairness, my favorite easter egg in a Star Wars game is in SWTOR: if you go to the cantina in Anchorhead, you can actually play the Cantina music from A New Hope

Tomato Man

I would be scared shitless cuz on 9/11

agbah 1

This sounds like a book I read called Wonder

Salma xotwod

Can y’all just do it with Travis pls

Cortex Gaming

Do not kill yourselves everyone it is not the answer

Carcharodon Carcharias XVIII, Ruler of the Seas


мαяlу мєяlу


dayhoc tainguyen

The boy: dont judge me animal.

Mad Hatter loves Whiskey

A ex boyfriend has BPD. It was hell being with this person. Since I dated him, I suffer from a physical chronic disease. Keep away from these people!

Luis Villanueva

Yo should do a video with Chris Pratt


Hi, your Videos are great!

Prothek 3902B


Yisrael DeKoven

Do a oat two please!!!!


I just found your videos and I am greatly impressed. They're well done, informative and entertaining. I look forward to watching more!


and where garrettttttttttttttttttt i know i spelled it wrong with the 2 r's

voltva 360

0.55 headsot

english people

I love Dogs152

Does TY really have those rage issues


Star light

I bet the soundtrack will give me goosebumps... I can already feel it

Jacob Padilla

Best dunk ever

Crazy Vlogs

This is like the girl who survived a crash but the real story was much older

Divine Gaming

The panda fell down the stairs 😂😂😂😂 3:10

Kautilya Gautam

What is daredevil mast doing there. Something is going on!!

Alexandros Aleuth

please  more of  those Easter Eggs  !!    I believe  those Eeaster Eggs,  some of them are  Subliminal Messages !!!    

Sawyer Scholz

hey gurukid I was wondering how you got these easter eggs? did you find all of them or search them up?

Atikah AJ

Coby and Cory.


If you have a XBOX360 you're on your own.


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