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10 Heroic Kids Who Came to the Rescue | ABC News Remix

Inspired by the super twin who saved his brother beneath a fallen dresser - here are 10 kids who came to the rescue to save their friends and family! For more: to ABC NEWS: More on ABC News on FACEBOOKABC News on TWITTER:MORNING AMERICA'S HOMEPAGE:

Pir Rehan


Boof AKiRA

your video is very fun XD

Don't Panic! At the Arctic Monkeys and Tøp concert

But it doesn't have to be a boy

Blake Newsome

That's amazing😱😱

Evelyn Mendoza



tanner useless

chica 2.0

and please help raise up my channel . I am lonley


Kamryn’s Random Stuff

1 minuet in and i’m already sobbing...help🥺💔

America Guy Gaming

Dale Jr. used to be my favorite NASCAR driver but not anymore because he obviously retired

Aydan 6

Why is it just ty the whole time

Akila Sithara

Those are really happen?😱

Potato Gurl

Wow. Almost 1M subscriber's! Congratulations! 👍♥️💕😊😁😂

javed iqbal


Alicia Mosloski

I think I know who the panda is it's either Coby, or Cory one because there is only four of them hunting the bear and there is five of the in all

Willie Osler

Wutang goes shopping! Make it happen bruh!!😎😎😎


8:07 WTF


My grandma has lukimia

I was hallucinating for no god dang reason

Ashish Lakhani

Cool 😎


Well at least it looks like they're putting some effort in this time

The Gamer Family & Friends

coby cory cody im so confusion

Ravi verma


Nishit bhatt

0:33 he pulled the things

E Pal

I lip sink your intro song because I love your channel so much

Miles Quinto


Rachelle-sophie Foley

Just..thank you...thank you for this video, thank you for making me smile, thank you for helping my family understand what my illness is...and thank you for showing us all that we aren't alone.

Vlasis Cavey

Happy New Year!

Lena Ramirez

😍😍😍😍😍😍🤯🤯🤯🤯🎉🍾🥂 cant wait


nicely done man

bendy ink machine

Who is watching this on april 2019 like this comment p.s😢😢😿

Wesley Kelly

Where the troll face


Supercar Spotters

This looks like a real music video


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