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10 Things Only Video Game Completionists Will Understand

Sometimes 99% quite simply isn't enough. Oh what's that? The final achievement is something horrendously convoluted and requires double the time you've already put in? Well, best get started then...For more awesome content, check out: Catch us on Facebook at: And follow us on Twitter @wculturegaming ---------- WhatCulture Gaming Podcast now available! - iTunes: - Acast: - Podbean: - Podbay: - Podcast Addict (app) - More to come!

Soccer Stars

100 Mio views 🎉🎊💪😀

s u n n i

Teacher:*screams at me for saying something wrong* Never gets old

Ambaar 01

November? I wanna watch it faster :(

that guy that snipes

20$ bucks says Ty's " brave friend Ross" is panda


My *CHILDISH* senses are tingling...


you gotta be kidding me... that's so fuckin sick! haha

Private Gavin

Sorry bro but... Enter: Breath of the Wild 2.

Brandon Souza

benito :v

Gana Badawy

You are so beautiful lele❤️❤️💖💖💖💕💞💗


Some girls actually die when giving birth, it's called coffin birth, the girl in the video was just lucky she didn't, I feel scared for my girlfriend

Leah Jack

The word no got me grounded.


portal easter egg  is just like the pyramid in KSP!

Ivan Saucedo

You to get mr beast in and play baseball with his crew and ur

ApPlayz YT

Lol this whole videos about chandler getting encouraged by mr beast

Alexus Shelton


Crunge -Roblox

i found baymax at 12:07


Watching on my SouljaPhone™️


Funny how they were promoting PUBG before this.

yhon keiber rojas villalovos

3:04 aaaaa mi pichulaaaaa

Mar Angelo Santos

Is That Jackass??


you guys are very nice and awesome funny videos

Jim Madan

play fortnite

Purple Serpent

My fiancé plays this game its pretty cool I love the animation

Also Jadien: I Peed On My Wallet!

YaBoiEtHaN Holland

Cody is the new Coby



Wtf did i watch? Waste


smooth poopy

It Ya girl

I understand this is so my story to mine except I developed my stress disorder because of other things except I have my panic attacks at school I have sleepless nights and have trouble eat. I often have them when it’s too loud when children fight or maybe when I’m really stressed about school work

Eli Ritchie

I was in this video the part where it says speed demon the person when he is going down the mountain I was in the blue my friend was in white

Hello Hello

No.8 should be atleast in top 3...Thats hilarious XD

Wondrous Octillionaire

Morale Of The Story: Always check the toilet.

Jay Lee

Guru you are one of my favorite easter egg hunter. Keep it up.

Technical world

My favorite character is Tyler.

Sebastian Morrison

this kid is messed up. i actually cant beleive this. no, we do not pity you at all.


8:52 looks like R2-D2 came to say hi

Dominic Huston

want to do one with u guys and want to be like you


Kim Jong un would like to now your location

Guillermo P

Well played Guru!

Rogan Noble

CANADA IS THE BEST EVER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Adam Isaksson

Tyler is the new Maldonado

Mulan: Am I a joke to you

Richard Mohabeer

Everyone must have got chills when he said: oh shit maybe 9/11 again! At 0:25

Mariam Konate

Who kill your mom and dad

Milah Martinson


Justin Vlogs


O wait thats where calliou is.

Arian hmn

It wasn't that stupid though, there are actually a great deal of indie 2d platformers out there atm, that does seems to be their go-to style of games right now.

rouzbeh ba




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