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12 Riddles That Reveal Your True Personality Type

Do you know that the way we see things can reveal nuances about our personality? The way humans see and perceive the world has amazed scientists for centuries.The human brain does a good job of interpreting and processing information received by the eyes. Today we offer you a set of fun riddles that will let you learn more about yourself and test your vision.TIMESTAMPS: #1 1:00#2 2:38#3 3:25#4 4:03#5 4:44#6 5:24#7 5:55#8 6:27#9 7:06#10 7:38#11 8:21#12 8:47#personalitytype #riddles #personalitytestMusic: - This first riddle might look like a basic children’s puzzle, but nothing is as simple as it seems here. Look closely, and count how many animals you see in this picture.- If this drawing is a gorilla to you, it characterizes you as an independent person who values personal space and “me time.” Teamwork and asking others for advice can be helpful too.- Do you see a bright explosion? Then you’re a good organizer and a perfect leader. You like to be in charge, and you aren’t afraid to face the music.- If this looks like a village with huts, birds, and trees to you, you value traditions and prefer a simple and peaceful style of life.- If it’s clearly a face to you, you’re most definitely sensitive and kind, which is why you like to avoid conflicts. You have truly phenomenal intuition, and this helps you out in so many situations.- So the creature that doesn’t belong here is a puppy. You don’t eat those, right? But I personally wouldn’t mind a bite of everything else present here. - Are you ready to be amazed? It’s Harry Potter’s best friend. No, not Ron Weasley! The other one — it’s an owl. - It’s a chameleon! By the way, if you think chameleons actually change their color to hide from enemies or danger, you’re wrong.- If you saw a bra, you’re impatient, enjoy every moment, and love a new experience. “You only live once” could be your bumper sticker. Keep going like this for as long as you enjoy it. - If you think it’s A, dark blue, you’re a perfectionist. You’re also independent, analytical, and a high achiever. Subscribe to Bright Side : Social Media:Facebook: Crafts Youtube: more videos and articles visit:




the bubble head aren't some kind of easter egg?

Amanda Banks

Can we please talk about how cory and coby look like Myer from Impractical Jokers.

SriKrishna Kalkura

What is u r next video

Teck Nicz

Guru, like always you are the best :) i very like your videos i'm subscribed since 2012 and i fecking love all of your videos :) and btw that outro tho xD

vitor santos martins

7:40 coincidencia, meu mario esta salvado exatamente nessa fase, cheguei ontem a noite...

Spiffy Pictures

The 1st one is the BEAST.

Martin Tonejec

German vil win

Just like in the movie.

Zach Cordner

Go bulls

Nadidah Shah

i new it was checkers

Fortnite CL

Guru do you fck with lil pump


Dead island CREEPY

wendy sausage

this reminds me of a girls generation song omighod🥺🥺🥺

Dansparce Banando


Brandon Hoppe

The pins are closer then standard, but they are still amazing


What type of video starts like this

Cooper Morrison

I have the same bat u used

Misty B

All of them work the mannequin one you need Xbox live(with nuketown)to do the mannequin one got to custom games choose the map nuketown have at least 5 friends have them shoot the heads off and then bam its on(oh and mannequin's switch spots)

dodoboy 07

The next thing you should flip is cobe

Mirity Ashaolu

I love your videos Anthony please keep doing what you do. You inspire people to follow their dreams xxx

Taylor Gavello

Just found your channel... time to start digging through all your videos! Nice job!


salty stick

Jenna is getting really annoying


Ty tat bat swing is oosome.

BuTtEr Toast

Me trying to get a D so I can pass

Zachary Young

Damnit Gabe


Wait if she doesn’t remember anything then how did she tell us her story 😐


Fasting an option


DUDE PERFECT,why don't you make a video involving trickshots of pingpong ball, basketball, football, golf, frisbee, bowling etc (in one video.....)? like if you also want to.👍

Steve Gamer


Sha The Gacha

i can never understand these stories.

Bianca Ticciati

Me: mom, I have a headache...

Declan Jones


Roberto Dominguez

R.I.P dad from drinking and smoking


There are so many references to movies, comics, video games and cartoons in this game... I hope (for your sake) that this doesn't turn into a series 'cause even though I would love it... it's not worth risking your sanity.

Extreme Zone

Low to high

Eric Cartman

#13 on trending street

Dillin X Kline



hahahhahahha this is fucking funny, the way my guy just strolls in hahaha

kahoa Akaka

Dam first I thot he left her as in- I don’t care about her, but after wards this broke my heart knowing he died in a car crash

Broken Butler

How did the guy survive at 9:12 ???? That thing bit his neck and ripped, that thing should have decapitated him and it should be feasting on his esophagus.

Greetings: Tia Eastern Indonesia

morten arnold

1.45 reminds me of a film about a ..........the cabin in the woods ( thumbs up if u get it )

Roy Vidal

was that a gernade

Kawaii Animations

Omg YAS being a fellow person with autism I will have to say this is so true...people with autism like me aren’t stupid, we just have a harder time communicating with people 😆


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