Aha development

1. Introduction to Algorithms

Introduction to AlgorithmsIntroduction to course.Why we write Algorithm?Who writes Algorithm?When Algorithms are written?Differences between Algorithms and Programs1. Data Structures using C and C++ on Udemy$10.00URL: C++ course on Udemy$10.00URL:

try not to use emojis and hashtags

Marai. dse

He litarally MADE IT



Mashed Potatoes



Yay thank you FunWithGuru, you have the best content ever!!!!!! and you are the best channel ever!!!!!

Meghan angelique

Lol i though adidas is from the US Your boyfriend is gay !!

Antwone Atkins

Was randomly watching season 1, check out s1 e29 slip and slide @ 2:32 cory is robbed.


crap shots just not showing how many times they hit the ball before they succeeded and you can see what happened when they do, excited likea fish out of the water

michael james Makasiar

One of the greatest episodes of this show for sure. ❤️

Sooo he is gone forever?

Dayne Ivey

the sandal toss is my fave

LET SH H Gaming

Very cool and amazing

vivid gamers

You should play with messi

Khour Ye

B inkkk

inches on ur hips

Charlotte Rose

Binging with babish: it’s always sunny in Philadelphia special part II - Electric Boogaloo


How many takes do you think it took to get the throw through the window?

AlSah Him

What happens if you put a ferrocerium rod in a blender? (Something magical I hope!)


G-man is Gordon's boss. It says that in the credits of Half-Life.


Congrats on 10mil!!!


oh shit he is maybe kidnapped by fckin keemstar 😢


Sam walking into a white light after seemingly dying? Is Croteam saying goodbye? D:

XxdannyplayzxX pro

God bless them be safe.



who is the other panda

archana gupta

Oh no

Luka Huereca

Que chido tengo todo lo necesario para hacer eso, menos amigos :'v

2010=50K Subs Me: pulls out gun

Alexirving3016 Lol

Bad bunny rey del trap

Jonny O'Neill

Funny cus Tyson Chandler did end up in Dallas lol


I don’t & wont have the courage to cry around anyone

Eric B.

Hi to low

Lights JusticeZ

Oh god those Futurama models

Joven Estudiante

Algun Ecuatoriano 😁? ?

please sub :(


Ethan: I wore f**** leggings for YOU

The kazoo master

Wasn’t this s girl who was in a plane crash in Peru


Michael Hoge

Lol garbage

trash bag

I think it’d be cool if you guys went out of the country!

Tyler : 3 out of 5

dragao black

Muito bommm Brasil aki

Epic group Games and stuff

I dont think the twins are bad. I think they have bad luck and get intimidated.

Brennan Davies

Can you make Hockey stereotypes and can it have a Rage monster


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