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42 Ways To Avoid Writing A Boring Screenplay

LA Writers and Creatives!Join Film Courage and Pamela Jaye Smith for a 1-Night Only Event on Tuesday October 23rd at 7pm in North Hollywood - 0:45 - Write Something That Only You Can Write2) 2:20 - The Primary Goal3) 2:53 - A Mediocre Script4) 6:01 - Not Enough Story5) 6:23 - Burning Questions6) 10:18 - No Curiosity7) 10:53 - Not Hooking The Reader8) 12:50 - People Can’t Read Your Script9) 14:06 - Cliché Character Descriptions10) 14:27 - Main Character Must Want Something11) 16:42 - Boring Characters12) 18:06 - Secrecy & Deception13) 20:41 - The 4 Goal Rule14) 22:20 - Know The Characters15) 24:45 - Characters That Do Not Serve The Story16) 25:20 - The Heart And Soul Of The Story17) 27:34 - Skin Jump18) 32:42 - What The Story Is Not19) 36:07 - BMOC Tools20) 38:44 - Small Ideas21) 40:11 - How To Generate Original Ideas22) 43:14 - Real Life 23) 51:58 - Writing Your Own Story24) 52:52 - Four Emotions Of Cinema25) 54:33 - Imagination & Psychology26) 56:36 - The Comfort Zone27) 58:46 - Normal World28) 1:01:35 - Delaying Conflict29) 1:04:27 - Compelling Conflict30) 1:07:31 - Not Enough Conflict31) 1:09:23 - Levels Of Conflict32) 1:11:47 - Where Is The Adversary?33) 1:12:48 - Idiot Plot34) 1:14:41 - Making A Scene Better35) 1:18:44 - A Movie Is Not A Lecture36) 1:19:56 - Assuming It’s On The Page37) 1:24:27 - Don’t Worry About Being Perfect38) 1:28:18 - Spend Time With The Best Scripts39) 1:29:57 - One Way To Test A Screenplay40) 1:30:58 - Great Movies Change Lives41) 1:36:28 - How To Know A Script Isn’t Boring42) 1:40:07 - Final WordsRECOMMENDED VIDEOS29 Screenwriting MistakesCharacter For Film and TelevisionTips To Help A Screenwriter Write A Better ScreenplayWITH FILM COURAGEINQUIRIESTO THE FILM COURAGE YOUTUBE CHANNELTO THE FILM COURAGE PODCASTYOUR MOVIE, WEBSERIES, OR PRODUCT ON FILM COURAGEFILM COURAGEwe use:CAMERA - This is the camera we have used to film 90+% of our interviews (over 200 interviews and counting)It continues to be our workhorse - - Most people ask us what camera we use, no one ever asks about the lens which filmmakers always tell us is more important.This lens was a big investment for us and one we wish we could have made sooner.Started using this lens at the end of 2013 - Rode VideoMic Pro- The Rode mic helps us capture our backup audio.It also helps us sync up our audio in post Recorder - If we had to do it all over again, this is probably the first item we would have bought - - Although we like to use as much natural light as we can, we often enhance the lighting with this small portable light.We have two of them and they have saved us a number of times - - Our favorite computer, we each have one and have used various models since 2010 - are affiliate links, by using them you can help support this channel.

Meyer Nababan


Pepperoni Pizza

i cried the whole time ive watched this

Diego Velasquez

“You call me what you wanna but never call me forgettable”

Duduy Du30

Dude perfect is one of the people who takes a lot of work they actually did practice and record it and edit so they can show the perfect


Does that happen with every solider?

Lethal Panda

I slowed down my fart when the slo- sorry BRO mo happened


Man im subbed to Rug since 800k not that much but legit im worried about his health hahaha

Anahi Corona

She’s at least 16 weeks because the doctor said they could do the generic test which can only be done after 16 weeks .

Luis Diaz

Keep on making more great videos as you always do!!! ♥️

Jehebt Down


Billy Boy

0:42 why does it look like skies dabbed😂


In the Last of us universe, the character Drake only existed as a game or toy character changing the timeline to where he never stopped the curse leading to where it hit the countries and turning everyone into mushroom mutants.


Favorite movie?


That look on Sam's face when he found out he was the only one left. So sad.

Caleb Ressler

You should do baseball trick shots

Mathias Lui


A Sentient Washing Machine

2:08 You tried.

Pro Gaming


wilder donatien



for the 1st one: GTA5, it's a rememberence of silent hil 1 the first one where the ufo also appear at different places and take you out if you manage to call them well!

sampea CAML

Hahaha! It's good to find a funny story amongst the tragic ones!

Jack Fiorille

The guy has a pink hat then in slow mo he don't

Mr. Gwen

What about happy feet in when they fall on each other


remours said that bf1 has less than 6 campain mission

And how beautiful she is

Sienna Herohorse

My sister is infertile due to strong drugs when 8. She got bad blood poisoning and the treatment left her infirtile. If she wanted a child I am will to donate some of my eggs for her but both of us want to adopt.

Remington Falter

If only I had a RC car😿

WolfieXxX playz

I REALLY LOVE YOUR NAILS!! (And your makeup)

Quintin B

Cool vid

zacho cracy

Autotune Garbage

Mason Amphlett

2019 eny one

Milli The Kidd

I’d love a house tour video ❤️

Eagle Plays


Joshuapiglet 23

2019 anyone

Noah Baron

Chris Broussard is correct here

Emma Mason

I had a bully and I stood up and told my parents and they got suspended from school

But haha jokes on them I found out 2 years later that I’m bi! Oops!

Meli Ademaj

1:43 am I the only one who saw a sign that said "Chick"

SpaceCat -

She said she hated her friends BUT SHE SAID SHE DIDNT HAVE FRIENDS

But great video anyway. well done ;)


I am the blue knight!


My Mom is the Katy Perry Lover or whatever its called.

maria mejia



Where is the girlfriend that you promised?


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