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#4, Foreign trade | at the eve of independence | Indian economic development | Class 12

Indian economy in hindiIndian economic developmentIndian economy at the eve of independenceForeign sector at the eve of independence1 - Exporter of primary goods and importer of finished products 2 - Monopoly control over trade 3 - discriminatory trade policy stagnant economy colonial periodcolonial ruleClass 12 economicschapter 1 - introductionEconomics on your tips video 4• Follow gaurav sir on instagram - @gauravjain3497Our books are now available on Amazonspecial comboEconomics on your tips - Indian economic development + Macro economics on your tips Macroeconomics ( new edition ) Economics on your tips - Indian economic development on your tips Microeconomics series of playlistsUG courses ( bcom, bba, bca, ba, honours) – economic development - economics complete course – economics complete course-complete course- income – other channelsAccounts adda - your own business - order to promote us and help us grow Paytm on – 7690041256#indianeconomy#commerce#class12

Gwen Sneary



Maria Gonzalez

i have been through this when i was 4 and it was eve worse the yours i didn't tell anyone cuz i thought it was nothing and that this isn't wrong but something inside me wasn't feeling right not so long after my sister noticed and told my mom and then we talked i thought she would hate me but no and worst of all it was my oldest brother who touched me and yes we still live together but he learned his lesson and said his friends made him do it i hope he forgot about this and now he are okay but i m never going to forget about what happened

Kiwi Cool

I loved it but I see a channel too that its name is StoryBooth I think this video is like a copy but I really enjoy it!

Liza Jane

Go into the women's toilet at the mall

Katharina Feustel

I really like the animation of the video and would love to know what the production process looks like

Donovan Mullen

LOL This is too funny!! Good video FunWithGuru

Lincoln Clotfelter

i have been watching you sens 1367

Isabel Erhart

İ did not do good


Did you know: The famous dutch painter Rembrandt even referenced GoT, with his most famous work, "The Nightwatch"



Yasam Can

Channel named enes batur steals ur contontent

Jackson 0_0

Please don't beat panda

Easton Sawatzky

hockey stereotypes

Joaquín Schreckinger

dude perfect do a video with the miami doplhins please

casualgaming 95

Funny I just watched it yesterday

Sweet like kale and sweet like peach tree (Like that)

Kaiden carter

is it just me or they are catching fish and reusing them for the vid

Time Play

Next time not a make up no more u gonna be a real old man

Rockwolf 012

so, Lara steal the Ark and Indy died 7 times and the golden idol is in a "museum"?


2012... jeez the world has changed

Sadie Fasai

I think ,I have anxiety , and it's hard to do anything in you life and there are like two other people who make it worse for me .First of all my older sister, she always look at me and silence and then says "why are so ugly?" or "you are so fucking ugly" and that's nice well she have done it since I was like six years old and still dose it . 2: the ''judge's" in my class , well they only judge me or did but it still "haunts" me , every words they said to me and luckily everyone who where "judging" me changed school and it have got better or at least a little bit not that much , I kinda can't go to school without checking that i look "good" . 3: Myself, I dont have any self-thing * English is not my first language * like no and both of these things have got together and it takes me probably a half hour to finally choose what to wear , and I dont know if it's anxiety or something but I dont really wont to comment this but i have got hate on my comments sometime and i hate being twelve and yes I am twelve and I don't like it ,if i comment anything it's not about anything serious . And hi I love that someone will comment "what the fuck you are twelve and cant even spell " It's hurt in my heart and everywhere , every word it's in my head spinnig around saying that everyday . and maybe i wont comment this but i dont know , if i publish this You are lucky

Doyun Kim

Wow I cant wait until this game comes!! I think I’ll love it!

Thinh Nguyen

3:40 best part ever


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