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6 Things Educators and School Staff Should Know About FASD

Children and teenagers with FASD require specific supports that are unique from other developmental disabilities and conditions. Many educators and school personnel have not been trained on these specific needs. If a parent has sent you this video, they are trying to provide you with tools that can help you work more effectively with their child. This video is very general. You can find more information on how to specifically and practically support these skills in our other videos. In particular, please check out our Receptive Communication video at may also find our video on perception helpful. You can watch that at can follow us on Facebook! www.facebook.com/BeTheBrain


Really it cost money f u u just want money im not Dumb

Ramon/Maria Vargas

The cops did nothing

Katie Schiavone

football trick shots

Jeremy Gonzales


Άγνωστος Καλλιτέχνης/Bounty Hunterz

panda is the goat

Neo B. Jover

Is anybody gonna talk about the fact that Elsa’s patronus is a Horse?


What about ASMR in video games? Just turning of the music and listening only the audio gives a big asmr-ish feeling.


song in the start?


Ship these guys to Iraq and give them some grenades...

Winder Slyce 2

LOL in BF4 you go to hanger "21" 48#&*7!^&&'; 7&-? (;#,! (?!*4',*5',-, (#&,'*48

Jan Abovitt

GAD, PTSD,.... the new alphabet soup of invented illnesses for which the pharma industry develops just the right pills. Eat right, excercise daily and meditate.

Nothing Here

The place you go after death is heaven, there’s no reason to fear death because you go to god and Jesus

On this scene, if you look carefully on the back you'll find a picture of "Jigsaw".


He looks like Santa when he slide down the slide

Jimmychan the man

Superman is in there

Calvin - Freerun

No matter how many easteregg videos you've watched


I wan't more bloopers.


Wtf did i watch? Waste

Isaiah hill Vlogs


What a rebel I like you 😎

Ethan McClean

deppressed pizza guy all the way

Alex Harris

He broke his own ankles...


That last one omg. xD

I even knew one of the easter eggs from the Duke Nukem... it's actually easy one (the one in the church)

karl dollete

What the??


So wait what does it do?

Luna Nightshade

Thank you I needed that story I have the same autism you do and things were very hard and still are but this helped me feel a little better

CreepA_ 89

i just love your dj khaled easter eggs xD

Jake Snake

I don’t care if she “regrets “ doing what she did. That doesn’t make anything right. She was and is a B I T C H

People who want to write a comment but have no ideas: ITS FREE REAL ESTATE

Abigail Almendares

17:50 How to make a Coby

Jimmi Reaza

it was cute and lazy, like me on a Tuesday morning.....fuck dude I need a girlfriend


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jilliana B.

Well atleast we know that their favorite color is orange.

crnlsnts 4


Yanuris Massa

6:10 did joey say the f word

battle formula

You should have put the amount of attempts by each trick

"when i found out, you're gonna spend a long time in jail!!" ugh

Miller Dunlop

you guys are amazing


is gone home like a horror game?or is it like action?

Hector Escobar

Tanner your being really dumb

Corgi Gacha

This’s why I want to be careful about guys who drink, and smoke...

Swiggity Swaggity

5:10 that face you make when you forgot it was time for your period.


Y E S >:3


Wow they look ridiculously cheap.




Omg I've been where they are standing that is jump street Plano Texas

The Self Adjectated Gender

I got the fucking chills

Can we get to 300 subs with no videos?

I have to touch things a certain amount of times to feel satisfied, and if something goes a certain way for too long, I get panicked, and have to imagine things in the centre. I don’t think this is a form of ocd, and I even if it was it would be the lowest form possible.


nice clickbait m8

Edit: ik now the eggs.

Matis H

I like the intro

Crawmerax 101

@ 0:40 Is ThAt A JoJo ReFeReNcE?!?!?!


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