Aha development


These desk organizers are incredibly cute and creative! All you need is some old cans, shoebox and glue! Let's have some fun! ;)---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- 5-Minute Crafts: Instagram: Twitter: to 5-Minute Crafts GIRLY: to 5-Minute Workouts: Bright Side of Youtube: TIMESTAMPS:0:40 Rocket organizer1:41 Reuse old cans3:25 Lego phone standFor more videos and articles visit:

Gacha _Avery

I have this too

Arenas Mario

Really hope you don't get traded. Ball and Ingram can go, not the Kuz.

Lil cj


Curtis Wheeler

what a fitting song

Star Boy


A Hunt

At first I thought they all got there eye brows cut off

Ian Tarachand

I’m happy for him

Doane Ponder

Hey Sam,im gonna need you to start making ANY steak recipes medium well to well done cuz that reddish pink mess is VERY UNAPPETIZING!!! Thank You Sir!

Muhammad Safder23


crazy stupid

I'm coming to your live show in August can I get your Otograph and a pic bc it will be my birthday

If you have OCD don't feel alone you are just like everyone else

Rora Sparkles M K

I Dab in 2019


I don't like frozen and why is this in my recommend


kimo the fun genius

Be grateful that you forgot it


This is what fuels feminists.... well done claps slowly

Socks With Sandals


Alessandra Risi

The question is not “Are you ready to trade your life?” Because people will say yes, that they don’t care like you did. I don’t know what the question could be, because all have potentially a chance of people saying yes, but I know it’s not that one

MJ Salvatore


Marcos Pacheco


clapping g.

we been together for the first time and I look forward for the first time ever I E es el destinatario de la empresa que me ha llegado el caso que

It will be sunny

crazy kyla ;D

So basically.. If my teacher says "You're everything I wanted", I have to sleep with him?? 🤔

emily xx

every time Harry goes up he scratches his chest 😂

kris g.

Well dumass...they are in a airport¬_¬

Lizzy Awesome

Sorry for your lost.. 😞 but you know it’s best to live your life to the fullest and yeah it’s sad to lose someone close to you jeffree star but I bet they rather want you to live your life and be happy... 💕 you got your fans too.. we love and support you 💕 R.I.P to your family member who passed away..

vet Noa aon

Because you write a diary you fell ok 🙄🙄realllly boys who said that you are ugly i want to see their magical face 😏😏😏😏

Ra'ed Alaraj



Great video as ever but you might want to invest in a screen capture device for the console footage.

TaZe Eagle

0% coby stinks

Dionisis Lou

the kids of africa could have eaten that ball


Mary looks like hinata from naruto

xandrei 37

I was almost struck by lightning when i was 4

unicorn daily

I had a family friend and he has diabetes to


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