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8 Tips for Parenting Teens

Teens can be difficult. Here are 8 tips to make your parenting more successful in the long haul.Find discussion questions here: TRUTH is a video channel of pursueGOD.org. Find series resources, including workbooks with discussion guides, at www.pursueGOD.org.




watching in 2017?

Slade Lamore

I love the first one😊

loads of love coming your way from New Zealand


Yay you died

ANKI The Musician

2199? Anyone?

pelayo zemborain

We need a video about mediterranean diet and why spaniards are the helthiest in the world

Jason Coler

I hate Aaron Rogers he is a duck

Bri Sutherland

This is coll!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


I’m a Gemini soo I have two sides to me. One side is introvert and I sometimes hate talking to people and feel extremely awkward when there is a party and shit like that but the other side of me is very loud and loves talking to strangers +I’m funny asf soo Idk which one I fully fit into as I have qualities from both

Just Jason

Heyy its that movie that has that one song that every boy refuses to sing


Dishonorable (asmr) mention:


I'm 7months I'm very nervous knowing it's very painful giving birth it's my first baby can't wait to meet my baby boy!💕🐳

s p

Before half a million views.

Kimmy Rojas

Any other Paul type out there

Jai Wadhwa

Nice CGI

Isaac Hall

Go Aggies




I have Asbergers too.

Rahil Dutta

1:26 the toughest one

The hot tub guy

Donald's daughter

The minute I seen the drawing of the cafe I knew who it was

Gianna Gibbons

honey,, lemme tell you something. every single person is here for a reason. there’s no one that is “rejected” by the world,, even though it may feel like it sometimes. i’m so glad you’re doing better now. keep doing you and stay happy!💫❤️😁

There is a trick, float on your back, paddle your feet and flap your arms if you know what I am talking about

Alejandro Jiménez

just... outstanding! the work, the effort, the taste, you my friend are one of the best youtubers out there, keep up the good work, love all of your videos!

Pranav Anand

Going to be one of my best Childhood memories....#recreation


Elon Musk Be Like:

Maasai Gentle

is that cascade mountain


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