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92: The Emotionally Absent Mother & The Effects of Childhood Emotional Neglect

Welcome to episode 92 of the Therapy Chat Podcast with host Laura Reagan, LCSW-C. My guest this week is Jasmin Lee Cori, who speaks to me about emotionally absent mothers and the affects of childhood emotional neglect. Jasmin became a therapist at the tender age of 24 and didn’t last long, as might be expected for someone who had yet to do her own healing work. When she reached 40, she uncovered childhood trauma, which began her journey of descent. She was a student of The Diamond Approach at that time, a spiritual school conversant with the intertwining of psychological and spiritual work. She was discovering her deeper essence at the same time she was dropping into dark places she hadn’t known were there; so during that time heaven and hell were unfolding simultaneously. This continued, with yet deeper dips into both. She lost her voice, job and suffered significant health challenges and financial struggle. Yet in the midst of being flattened, sick in bed, she midwifed a book of mystical poetry in a matter of months. Since she is a writer whose personal experience deeply informs her work, the result of this descent was authoring two books that changed her life: Healing from Trauma and The Emotionally Absent Mother. These books were healing not only for her but for tens of thousands who have read them. Resources Thank you to our sponsor, TherapyNotes! You can save 10% for 12 months using this link: your discount on TherapyNotes today! You can also visit and use the coupon code: CHAT17. 

Liam Donohoe

It's googly eyes

Hamza Hossam

What did the chicken said to the egg after she cracked it Chicken: rip chic my son

Bushra Khan

This is so cool

XX_OiItzThunderVolfPlayz_ xX

I thought he broke up with her but then I watched the rest and I’m like oh my goodness he died wow poor dude he will be in our ♥️

Clarissa Cuellar

If that was my little brother right there I would be crying and begging to get them back cuz I love you so much 😭

This is a stupid rant😂

Brandon Nguyen

@FunWithGuru do the call of the dead easter egg and shangri la since you need to do that for the moon easter egg please :P

Ridwan Laksmana

how long you make this video? zhaha :D

Ece Boskurt

Oh my godsjjj my brain was almost melted during the adventure time

Louis Garcia

panda also do a face rival on panda

Laura Carrera

Llegar antes del millón es una locura 🤣💛


4:34 And a Dark elf!

Marco I.

FF VII deserved a remake, but not FF VIII.


Speed 1.25 best

SRV 13

The best easter egg is the infinity gauntlet from avengers infinity war


So we're going to just glace over the fact that there were tits in this video?

Chase Donnelly

I think panda is Chris the editor

Nate Crawford

How long does it take u to make like a roof shot


I get it nao


this game got ruined right at 00:10

Jacob Dillon

3:15 Ty, what the heck!!!

Helix RunAway

Beastmaster looks amazing

Maud Meijer

My mom used to tell me A LOT of times to never send a guy any pictures of some form of nudity. However, when I told her my ex had some picture of me... my mom said: "the fear you feel right now will teach you a valuable lesson. But don't beat yourself up over it. You are a pretty girl and if that jerk decides to put them on the internet, it'll be seen and after that forgotten." I did let that fear teach me to never do it again, and so far i haven't seen back my pictures.

Zayd Ram

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Gavin Knight

props to tim and chad for all the hard work that they do at Dude Perfect! god bless you guys!

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Caldron See


Adriana Rivas

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me watching this while EATING a starbucks mocha sauce bottle 🤣

Tyler Geko7

Where are the twins

Bryan Garcia

Thsi was so sad i love it ♥️👍

Jetstream Sam

I like the eggs and all, but the sounds of those well engineered footsteps really calms and immerses me more. Nothing breaks my immersion more than devs getting lazy while doing that. I know it's probably a picky thing to say, but I really like well sounding steps in the game. It makes the game so much better. Very high quality video, nice job! Is there more for a part 2?

Ethan Miller

O shit this is an old video

Oliver Watts

5:45 first father son fishing trip

ravi vunnam

Earlyyyy you're now breathing manually.

Jcls gaming

Wait she had a mom I don't even have a mom because my mom died when I was really young

Spencer Weaver

Team Ty

Carrie Barrigan

Poor mike :(

DonDon Rich

No one saw the LOST DOG:Bolt beside the lipstick paper

Cody Boy

Respect too Tony 🤘😎🤙


The opening seconds are just stupid.


Duplicate Dave.

Jacob Quiroz-Ramirez

This story is beautiful

Flossy MC

I want to know what happens, what it feels like to die. But I want to be able to wake up again, I wouldn’t want to hurt the people I love.

Darren Begay

gnarcotic gang since the jump.

Tony 2times

Briana fine as hell

martina rodriguez

Who does Caleb play in tpn??

Liv Liv The weird kid

Love your vids


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