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A2 Biology - Mechanism of sliding filament model (OCR A Chapter 13.10)

This video shows the details in the mechanism of muscle contraction based on the sliding filament model. It is mainly about the interactions between actin and myosin and how they bring about movement. It is almost like rowing - with the actin as water, myosin head and filament as the oar and the myosin itself is the rower (except that it stays in the same place).There are three parts to this:1.) Stimulation - How the action potential triggers the mechanism2.) Attachment - How the myosin head attaches to the actin and moves it3.) Detachment - How the myosin head detaches from the actin and be ready for the next attachmentEnjoy! :)Please like, share and subscribe for more content and comment below to let me know what you think! :)Facebook: BioRach - A-level Biology Online@BioRachProjectmusic:"Dreaming in 432Hz" by Unicorn Heads

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