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Adverse Childhood Experiences: What Science Tells Us and How to Foster Resilience

This talk by Dr. Eraina Schauss, Assistant Professor in the University of Memphis' Department of Counseling, Educational Psychology and Research, introduces Adverse Childhood Experiences and reviews current research related to toxic stress and neurodevelopment. The presentation instructs parents, caregivers, mental health and allied health professionals on the ways in which they can help foster resilience in children. An introduction to early brain development is provided then research examining the relationship between early social deprivation and its effect on attachments and neurodevelopment is presented. Treatments focused on fostering resilience through neuroplasticity are discussed. A new integrative treatment methodology “F.A.C.E. your ACE” developed by Dr. Schauss is introduced. Examples and an experiential learning component exploring attachment and sensory based exercises are provided to help build adaptive and integrated brain architecture in young children.For more on our programs, please visit

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