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Alcohol and the Developing Brain

There is building evidence that drinking alcohol is harmful to the developing brain, particularly to the area of the brain that is responsible for rational thinking. Damage to this part of the brain during its development can lead to learning difficulties, memory problems, and the risk of mental health problems. There may be an association with other problems later in lifesuch as alcohol dependence. Concerns about the risks of alcohol for young people, including the potential impact on brain development, led to National Health and Medical Research recommending:For young people under 18 years of age, no alcohol is the safest choice. Delaying drinking alcohol as long as possible is also recommended.

Clifford Nelson

That instrumental is sick, what the name? 🔥🔥



Astrid Pena


No thank you

Hey ho Canada go!

It might not have been much for me, but still respect to the devs!

Jacks caretaker

/Eilsia Skerrett

Why do people even bully I for the most stupidest reason does people get bullied for wearing glasses in school

I was literally in the worst relationships ever, and it hurt because I was young in middle school and was a misunderstood innocent child.

Banana Pro

Aim is on point

succulent animations

Ah, the good old days when you actually COULD cross the Mexican border.

Interests me alot


Tall guy code

John Eziekel Budeng

me too

I have no Subscribers

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Meaty bUcKeT

Hockey is the best and only sport

Sunday Thursday

how would lightning not strike in the same place twice as it can't remember where it has hit and there is nothing from stopping it from hitting the same place

L'Univers de ma Pensée

I have those symptoms for now two years. I'm kind of scared now.

Dung Pham

I like ty and coby


They said “it got so much worse” way too much

hussain jawad


mgl wulf

Please don't stop your channel when you get older

youtube person

Wtf happy feet

SL Leong

Nasty on 5:15

AlexEpic Gaming ツ


Savitha Vinay

Team neckless


Really. Where is the thing saying in the desc no cars were harmed in the making of this video

Lil Ambivert

Just don't nuke colrado please



Ali Kane

Is archery for psvr is well? If it is i might ask for it

HardcoreGamer X500

When I was younger my doctor put me on anxiety medication, it made it so I would bend my body in weird ways and I couldn’t move. I was immediately taken off the drug.

William Fanslau

Who's here after Ping Pong trick shots 5


Channelname makes no sense: MinuteVideos = 7 minutes. This is how mafia works.



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