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Algeria's Bouteflika says he will not run for fifth term, postpones presidential elections

Algeria's Bouteflika says he will not run for fifth term, postpones presidential elections…READ MORE : are the top stories today? Click to watch: the most watched news channel in EuropeSubscribe! euronews is available in 13 languages: English:Website:

Mr. Gordon

I need this Arena

little the pug🐶❤

We have the same story because i have a pug

Frank Leaututu

The last punch was a accident boxers tend to throw after the bell sometimes your flared up in the moment bangn with each other cowboys eye was just fucked great fight

little rosaline

I was going to say Nike but

Emily Clarke Zaress 'The Princess'

Where in Texas is this? That course looks familar

jeff nicholas

her name is samantha

pearly p a r a d i s e

I looked this person up online to get further information, surprisingly more interesting than I thought

Alim Ramadhan

Hey...... I think you all need to make a basketball team...... And play international

She cried while speaking and she took heavy breaths. Yet I comforted her saying that she was brave enough to speak up. We just looked into each other's eyes for a few minutes saying nothing. They didn’t care to collect my mom. I remember there was no noise or sirens being used or them speeding

Вася Панасевич


I'm not joking


Thinking about having a relationship gives me anxiety. I want one, but I’m so insecure and shy, I feel like I’d make someone bored. I’ve already been cheated on and nothing seems to work. I don’t even get to the point of dating someone before they go to someone else. It really destroyed my confidence in myself. I can’t even tell if I don’t trust other people or myself.🙁

Ryan Foster

I watched this on Veterans Day :D

Franklin Mitchell

awesome!!!! thats what im talking about. all net!!!!!

Luis velez


Kameko Miyamora

When you got a brother who's a full foot taller than you...

ducher blogs 234

the browns


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