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Tanguy de Leusse

heyyy guys . :D Look at my channel . :P I try to represente Dude perfect :D :P

Faith Ragland


Lisa Thompson

That's why

Aaron Krauza

Get the?

ComedianGamerz YT

do you have to shoot every toy in one game?

rhubert Oh

In bed. In bed

Mahtab Alam

PUBG. Trick short

Daniel Topczewski

Team coby u have a chance

Sofrência Da Silva

Aaaaaaa scrr

ethan beals

If baby Theodore ever gets bullied I'm going to have to stomp a bitch out

Foxy Loxy 666


Jakob Nyström

Swedish song!ett två tre fyra

Icamperonix X

The camera man

shabana shafi

Are you buying these🤔

Katelyn Slider

You all changed

colten siedor

Yah I heard you’ll shoot your eye out It’s from “a Christmas story”

Blind Eye Documentary's Tyler and Ryan

Film Dove Cameron!

An Nguyen

if u not losing that means u win?

ethan ztz

@LouHarty Those r gloves.

I'd like to know what you do for a living and how you got the idea of making these videos on youtube. :)

Let Me Dream

I have anxiety and it's terrible. Everytime something's goes wrong I overreact and exaggerate the situation and lead me to be even more scared and I begin to bet hot and dizzy sometimes. I get over it by just sitting down and breath slowly and thing everything is all right.

Helmer Land

i'm sure i've heard this before


promise not to tell anyone


If feel like I say this every time, but... Another well-made, artsy, great video! Love it.

The Desk

By "Chill Out" do you mean let it sit or stick it in the fridge?

Isaiah V

All of this is cool and all, but can you walk with your Pokémon???

Fredy el Mugres

I like this new style :) Cheers from Spain.


...does that first marshmallow split in half?

Lexandra Perez

Life review everybody

Jack Sully

R.I.P Old Guy

Peppachelet Jr


chanz miranda

what is the point

Bernie Clinton

Can we get one story that’s not a shitty rebel plot line

The lamb Sauce

I cant find the version of this song with no words


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