Aha development

Anatomy and Physiology Help: Chapter 24 Digestive System

The Digestive System

Ivar Eriksson Eriksson

They protec Dad: Stay in the bathroom until the police arrive

Madhavi Kelkar

Might be

•Tiff PlayzXD•


Luzz The ultimate

maybe Anxious

Mahmoud Attia

Call 911 why did you didn’t do that

Silvia Rodriguez

I think you need a bowling alley.


Yes i am a fish watching a video.

Izzy Mobile

I have type one diabetes too...it’s a struggle but you manage

Puffin On Rubber Smoke

get Ice Cube out there throwing some hoops bruh 😂

For example I'm currently a highschooler in S.Korea(for real) and I study like hell. To do something I want to do and be happy. Currently I'm not that happy. But am I really wasting my life? Would it be better for me to put aside my studies and do whatever I want that makes me happy?

John Murack


Compliment her kidneys


If the warriors win it all I’ll Venmo everyone that subs to me $4



Valeria Villanueva

Me: Ok if John apologize they maybe could be friends again

Me,Myself, and I

channel is called minute videos


You guys sent me a friend request on YouTube but I could not accept


Do cooking stereotypes

Luke Neighbors

The panda shot

Skittle Blitz

That's a small ass field, only 175?

Day 6: same as 5 but just worse

kevin steel

I found the Doom 3 mirror easter egg by accident when I was six years old, and it scared the poo out of me. But then again, I was only six.

Miah Carney

I feel down quite often and no one knows. I’m always the type of person that always seems happy. I want people to think I’m always happy and everything is fine because I don’t like all the attention and I’m not that good with my feelings. I don’t know if I should tell my parents or who to tell. I was bullied for quite a while in elementary school and parts of middle school and they know about some of it. But I always tell them I’m fine when I’m not and Idk what to do now because they think that I’m fine and I’m not🙁any advice?



Your skin isn’t paper, so don’t cut it

Stephen Parnaby

I love Luke Bryan



Nathan Keraval

o'Sullivan is a reference to Ronny O'Sullivan, the best snooker player

ruth bayhon

If i was Chloe i would beat and burn the P.E. teacher in HELL even though i am girl but try to defenss yourself and if the principal and the parents know and ask

Brian Perkins

I felt bad for this girl in my science class in high school. The whole class found out that she gave a blowjob to some guy in the school. Everyone thought she was slutty for doing this. I was never the one for gossip, so I didn't even want to get involved. I felt sorry for her though.

This Is Sims

I kinda hate the new art style


They already pushing the next narrative. KD probably 50% right now. Their gonna make it seem as if KD should be dropping 25+ and 50% from the field for the rest of the series. and if he doesnt, their gonna Use this as a way to negatively define his career.

Arjun Khemani

Please film with a cricketer

Andyyy Wu



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