Aha development

Anthropology and Sociology of Development students

We ask four recently-graduated about their experience at the Graduate Institute.

Tim Materni

31009 you don't have that much suds

Friends Friends friends whut with the red head its a brownn head

Bird Life

0.46 lets cath them all fishing with zack ketchep

Mr. Fitri

"Emmm yeah sure" cute.

Julio Cesar Bendaña


PD: como chucha la gente le gusta está mierd@? La humanidad está bajando cada ves más :v




Goosebumps. Just goosebumps.


and better graphics, dedicated servers , no hackers ,vehicles etc...

Ezie Yt

This is not sad.....

mad lad

Pollution of the nerf bullet

Alex Evans

In the harry pottter room, there is skull on top shelf. click it. then close front door and you are attacked by ghosts. just saying you only found one quarter of that easter egg.

Nele S.

What this other girl did is not right.


I want an AC Jacket

Anaru Hobson

I have never watched a video on a angle so much

Marcos Lessa

There's another Easter Egg on the map freight that is stop hammer time it's a music

Jonathan Buss

Over the tree

Paris638 Paris 638

Coby looks like a 70 year old person with a beard


I can't remember the last time I felt happy I have constant negative thoughts and my physical health is bad do I have G.A.D.?

Just4 Funn

Best Video ewer!!!!!


The second shirt makes him look like a sex tourist lol

13 year old: iPhone Xmax

De Guzman Justine

i really love the intro🤗😘😍

Harry Potter inspired??


I love those Cersei boobs censors haha


Faltou mostrar a parte da bela adormecida

Devarshi Dalal


FR's Ways

Do you release them back ( I remember watching this vid but never asked this question )

Juan Caro

Garrett took off but i rewatch these vidoes in the past years and its still good bless you guys

Abhishek Anshuwali


Tuaunga Tupou

I know who her mother was! It was j.k. Rowling! She made her first book on a napkin in a train ride!

Allen Madsen

I want to go in the rifle shots place

[Post-Chorus: Chris Brown & Che Ecru]


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