Aha development

An Upcoming Development in Egypt Through Economy and Currency

Many years were spent in the search how Pyramids built through technology but now Egypt is ready to face a new development through Economy and currency in upcoming months.

King Kimber

God the CGI is awesome.


I was playing with my dolls


number of confused people😂👇🏾 ps small youtuber here 🦋✨


You missed the shrek reference that okuma says in the first samurai mission


How do you make your logo 😒 i can’t even draw it with my own bare hands

Sheri Combs

Who is panda


Is it gonna take 5 years to take the barbarian to the village lol

Open relationships of any kind are destined to fail. Period.

Aidan Brunie

My mom is the same but with drugs

I had a feeling it was North Korea eveb though she never said the country! SOUNDS REALLY DAMN SCARY!


2:16 says GURU

Arnav Agarwal

I loved the slingshot trickshot

JueJueBean Elite

Why dont they join NBA

Arifa Nasir

please do airsoft battle 2

I’m all about pushin the limits not bout pushin papers

Vincent Pham

Anyone notice that yesterday they got 20 million subs and today they got 21 million subs


My very first dude perfect video I’ve ever watched

Alex Berendsen

Frody is stupid

*story ends*

Rosey Posey

My mom said that happens to me too I almost sufacated


Want to access the premium levels and powers, you pay $39.99 now!!!!!

Thodoris Theodoridis

I think garret will win

Bill Clinton

One time when I was hospitalized, a drug addict threw a cup of pee at the nurses station, got naked, and almost had sex with a guy in the waiting room until security broke them up.

valentino trejos

amazing country voice russel

Sukai Truxal



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