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Assam Education Minister comment on TET Exam, High court, NCTE Norms Assamese news Pratidin Time

শিক্ষা মন্ত্ৰী শ্ৰী যুত সিদ্ধাৰ্থ ভট্টাচাৰ্য দেৱৰ টেট পৰীক্ষা ক লৈ মন্তব্যঅসম TET পৰীক্ষাৰ প্ৰস্তুতি চলাবলৈ আমাৰ Channel ক subscribe কৰিব নাপাহৰিব।Assam TET 2019 Preparation :1. Download Assam TET Old Question Papers 👉Direct Link:Assam TET 2012 Question Answer :1. Environmental science (Part- 1) - EVS (Part-2) - EVS (Part-3) - English grammar (Part 4)-English grammar (Part 5)-to our channel innovate Assam 👉 Website 👉 Social Media :Facebook: innovateassam@gmail.com#assamtetonlineapply #assamtetexam #assamtetexam2019 #assamtetnews


Because of my beliefs, I honestly think being transgender is just... I dont know. Its uncomfortable for me because of what I believe, but that doesn't stop me from having friends.

savory icon

You need to GET it right just once isn't it? Guys common where are the epic fails

Kim Lyons

It was at this moment that they wouldn’t even be thinking that in the future they would own the best office in the world!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Trent Cox

thewashington nationals yall should do a video with bryce harper

chris robinson

im never going skydiving ever

Instant Gamer 101

There is a surgery for it. It’s putting a sponge in between the Trigeminal nerve to soften the discomfort

Lauren Meyer

i love watching these, it is so funny out of context

schrödinger's cat

Dude you're so awsome love all of you're vid...n can you do like Q&A about how to find easter eggs?

Tyler Hernandez

Tyler won taste test with 3 garret had 2

Yusuke Minazuki



Okay, i heard you out. It didnt help and you should be ashamed for doing this to your wife. If i was her i'd never let you back in my life. Things get hard in marriage, people fight. You made a commitment to her, and you cant just give up if things get hard, jerk. You put your wife and family through hell just so you could have sexy fun time with a random stranger. You're incredibly selfish. Why'd you even get married if you werent committed to her? Marriage is supposed to mean you love someone forever. I would never let you come back if you did this. I wasnt good enough for you so you left and now you want me back? Nope.

Gabriel Mejia


Dave Kranssen

The euromast or the bridge in rotterdam, the netherlands

King sky

Who here before 800K


"i forced myself on someone who wasnt interested in me"

Hans Curry

shame on all.of the raptors fan in the court your all cheering?? because of the game you lose the humanity matters

Jon Vega

1:24 how does Garrett do that?

Callofdutyguy 11

Damn I remember the mobile waw zombies it’s a shame it’s not on the App Store anymore

Its_ Cløudy

Your lurky to have such a kind mom that save you even thought she have cancer but she think your imported

Kristina Carpenter

where Garrett


her voice............

C And_Sky

Wait...if she died who did her voice

Greg Shaw

This is sooooooooooooo funny🤣🤣🤣😅😅😅


zerg rush is from star craft 2

Candice Brantley

You know always assuming is going to get you in trouble hun.


Harambe did 911? Secret message confirmed.

Both were annoying and arrogant

Issa_ Blueberry


(Sends pic of her showing him the middle finger)


You know what the french name is "hache ébréchée" wich means broken axe WTF the translators were under drugs x)


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