Aha development

Attachment - AQA Psychology UNDER 20 MINS! Quick Revision for Paper 1

Revision video condencing all of psychopathology for AQA paper 1 psychology into a quick rundown. See the attachment playlist for a more indepth information and evaluation writing for each section.www.psychboost.com for more resorces and support.for access to the script and to help support the channel


wolverine logan

dude u forget the guy who shows his dick at the end in teen wolf lol


I dont know, but at the beginning in the bar u can See a man with a batman-mask. Maiby it is a easteregg of "batdadvines". But i dont know.

Neha Kapur

Real Madrid

Probably not worth making a video over but it may be fun just to check them out...

Tryhard Breezy Playz

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Issa Lyndie

cries over getting a b other than a i freaking getting c’s and d’s chill out wtf


wow, the grenade got closer to Earth faster than the rockets did xD

Emulate Me, The Universe.

Very cute outfit but the no to the white shades. Wrong style and era!

Ethan Animations

I'm jealous

-MONnie- -

Read to me Guru .... read to me :3

Sabine Winner-Neuhaus

Fabulous examples on explaining underlying factors that create a groupthink!

Meesh Rivera


Nadia Monstar

I wouldn’t want ty making my trophy

Dude Relax

Who watching this in 2017 !!???


You forgot the ungrateful child


thats a cheat :)

Jack Moultrup

thats crazy!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Nick Salka

youre a sack of shit'

2. that all the tent pegs were hammered down and the ropes were tied and fastened

Toy Fandubs

2:26 no god, no god please no, no, no, noooooooo!


If an Easter egg is unused...then how are showcasing them.....these seem to be used and implemented Easter eggs...

The fat Butt

Take a look 1:41

Sangeetha C

will smith should be the next celebrity

Maria Sangesland



Try buggy racing

29:01 I’m always getting mistreated an I’m told I’m crazy , family telling me I should go get treated , getting a little heated , everyday I wake up an they tell me the same crap repeated ,

Escape From Tibet

Dry Memes, dry humor.

Brynjar Sumarliðason

Wow a real rc super cool jump

Marta B

I'm anxious.

Gentry Carter

its not photoshoped


hes back

1 month ago

Kristinn Þór Hilmarsson

Cody haircut is better. Sorry ty

Jake Kessel

You missed a couple


Can this get Copyr¡ghted??

XxFox GachaxX

Why am i crying?


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