Aha development

Bernie Sanders releases his tax returns

Sen. Bernie Sanders (I-VT) released a decade of tax returns, providing new insight into how the senator became a millionaire during his two presidential runs. #CNN #News

Infinity Sports

Love it

Jennifer Yuma

Thumbs up for the racers👦🏾🏀👍🏼


I think one of the main reasons I love your videos so much is because of your music selection. It's always so fucking beautiful. Keep it up, man


Guru this is getting outta hand

annann wong

l want to visit your office too

Vladimyrsito Maldonado

1:37 Ty its footballer not bootballer.

foggy mango

this is literally horrible. don’t have kids if you can’t accept that they could have their own views and beliefs.

Anthony Britt

Thanks I took a sip of my water and almost choked on it cuz I wasn't ready to hear that your quitting

ElenaK Galaxy

Ur psychiatrist is there to here u and not to judge u or say that ur crazy and I feel how hard it might be to find that courage but no professional psychiatrist would ever say smth like that.

Eric Hilbert

Why do you say you dont see yourself sticking around much longer man I love your videos you are my favorite Easter egg youtuber by far love you dude hope you're around for many years to come !

Cruchty Low


Wtf p

Jose Quintanilla

Godzilla is that you?

Lorena Marin


Sidnei Giovani Vermundes

Isso é muito bom hahaha

iiAm TheQueen

Title: I thought girls couldn’t fight against boys but I was wrong...

Poortable Poortable


Andrea Jackson


The police


Those fucking turtles

Especially the rap!!!!!!


lol my sis is so anoing

kyledonrich redondo

I like rage monster

Vava lopes

Chupa pagode da ofença kkkkkkkkkkkkkk baba ovo do caralhooooooooooooooooooooooooo

The Rogueshadow75

I think with the Stanley Parable easter egg, it's a lot like portal and rattman. Throughout Portal, you are given the thought that the only people in Aperture labs are you and GLaDos. Only, they weren't.

Creepy Kid

I really do like your Top-Lists and EasterEgg-Series. There really good, so ceep 'em up. And seriously Guru-Kid, how are you even noticing these eastereggs... i mean, there so hilariously well hidden!

Dire Wolf Nation

0:41 Water Horse or Sea Horse?

joel edgar

They were there lol

Cringe Corner

Wow. Only Disney would make the official trailer shorter than the teaser trailer.

jose salvador saenz elias


Dor Shmueloff

Every one of your videos is a treat

Emily Lopez


Corey Frasnelly

It was a catch

Great Gurepu

Girl: I have a perfect life!


I hate when the dude with beard celebrates. it's way too cringy

G. Ka.

#YIAYjob Erin please read my comment Jack never does


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