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Best Video Game Cinematic Trailers of All Time | Part 2

Best Video Game Cinematic Trailers of All Time - Part 2 | World of Warcraft, League of Legends, The Witcher 3, Overwatch, Assassin's Creed, Batman, Star Wars: The Old Republic, Starcraft 2, The Elder Scrolls!BLIZZCON 2018 BEST GAME TRAILERSOF LEGENDS - ALL CINEMATIC TRAILEROverwatch Animated Short - “Reunion”07:55 League of Legends - Odyssey Animated Trailer10:23 World of Warcraft: Battle for Azeroth Cinematic Trailer14:42 STAR WARS: The Old Republic – Knights of the Eternal Throne –BetrayedTrailer20:50 The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt - Killing Monsters Cinematic Trailer

thia ending

7 cool Cousins

Ty should have been the winer

Mr. Yudustif

I am from Indonesia, Sir subscribe me please, i like your channel

Jimmy: It’s gone, reduced to atoms

Azwaf Nasif

My older brother was born 3 months early


8:43 it iBlitzcrank :o

Debbie Marguccio

Gary So having glasses is a frickin disability??

Mishan Phiri

Mxm.... Team Coby

Ethan Daniels

Eagles legs r ugly af


Have you hear Mom after school:how was your day?!

Rajat Sinha

This story of future of lele pons was the best..........2nd best rudy....and third was that guy's

Tide Pods

Can you spell right

Коля Дёмин

Omg ganon


lol dragon, i was scarred :D

Star Booyah

supercell place return my account that was banned permanently my COC 9 th village name AHMADI ĜÈMBÃ

Mateo Eder

I only like this song because of skies

Minimum wage nba money free ring now


Tyler that's a lie,you had a ticket before, a movie ticket or sports game ticket.

But she survived because the doctors cut her out. They both

Carson Stilp

More stereotype videos please I love them

tselmeg erdenehuyag

they looks like shinigami


One of very few channels left that still produce quality videos, and actually work hard on them. Nice video Guru, Glad Ive had the honor to know you so long! (want to play WAW zombies sometime? Classic CoD easter eggs again? :P)

Uros Macar

5.16 ksi is savage



Uh, would just have thought of me



Andrei Tudor Georgescu

I bet all my money Germany will win in 2014

Long Jean Memes

Why is Cody so cringy


Thank youuuuu. Good niiiiight : )))


4:50 when you are too tall to face challenges in lifeIt should start from 4:55

zakuro mews

this vid got me tripping

Rashad Brown

My dad and I played mortal combat. He Rocked as JADE.

Tolga Bedir

Amazing job!

N0mad2676 00

He emoted on his death, they’re stream sniping

Benjamin Croog

play this vid from 3:25 to 3:30 at 3:28 u willknow the panda is Jeff Toney

The Sharting Mooch

Whoever disliked this is a monster

Phillip jan

You're editing is flawless. Most of those were hard to find even though you're showing it.

Anita Haenel

Yeeeee she was going to collage right......why did she sound like a 13 year old girl yeeeeee this video is 99% fake that 1% is the animator just doing his work....

1. the loud snorner

Juan A. Montan

the bunny from saints row 2 at 11:39 but in yellow

Lucas Pfaffernoschke

What about the guys who cut the line?

Moonlight Studios


R i t t i k

7:36 that piano music, brought back the sad scene, and then appeared the Easter egg. You're editing is awesome

hannah r

any of y’all remember when his channel was matthias? just me?


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