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BIONICLE Motion-Comics #3: Triumph Of The Toa

BIONICLE Motion-Comic #3: Triumph of the Toa has finally arrived... after being in development hell for over a year, it is at long last completed and ready for all to view.It's been a long time coming, mostly due to me working two jobs and school. After finally saying enough is enough, I focused all my efforts (and free time) on bringing the Toa Mata's first journey in the comics to an end. I hope you enjoy the show! Comment! Like! Subscribe to all of these great people below! It helps out and makes us all want to do more comics!--PRODUCTION CREW--Producers - DarkKingErava and TheShadowedOne1Casting - TheShadowedOne1 and KylerNuva135Director - The ShadowedOne1Film Editor - TheShadowedOne1Sound Editor / Mixer - TheShadowedOne1--CAST--DarkKingErava as Turaga VakamaTheShadowedOne1 as Makuta and Toa Kaita AkamaiGab2671 as Toa Lewa and Toa Kaita WairuhaToaNiretta as Toa GaliJackOfAllTrades as Toa TahuKylerNuva135 as Toa KopakaTanuaTheChronicler as Toa OnuaInikalord as Toa PohatuWe hope you enjoy the film! Because with this film finally done, production hell on SALVATION #6 will end and will start production again!


Can't even fold a dang shirt!

Gotcha King

Best video ever

Brent Smith

Like f u r watching 2017

Aaron Brandenburg

I just got a whole new respect for Ferguson I didn’t have before! Great class!

Stealth Phantom

A Pedophile Broke into My House*

Kris Clay

True OCD. A near debilitating disorder that at times is crippling for those who are genuinly afflicted. People's casual use of the term trivializes it and makes it all the harder for them to cope.

Pathma Ram

You should look at them now

Logan Rice vlogs

Prob he looks like a saint

Bearly Funny


Gabe Rotkis

Not only hearthstone but overwatch too, (Genji and Hanzo🤣)


This video is banned for bryan texas

Abdi Thecop

I now

Omegared 2121

Worse than the first one I hope it gets cancelled by the director and who thought of this

Curly Llama

james wa so akward

Demon Stefqnutz Gaming

I am a psychopath i've killed a lot of players in Minecraft Hypixel...

Iman Fahru

The short trailer never bothered me anyway


little boy "mommy his a real panda" lol love it. im crying cus i was laughing so hard when the panda broke the branch lol.


I have a friend who has every single symptom but she also has a hyper sensitivity disorder where every little thing makes her cry. Should I tell them?

OM 2027Campus

( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

Abby’s Pokémon Adventure

You know there is adopting

4. GTA 3

TV sector

i dont like the rage monster

Ahmed Baqer

Lol I am the no cart guy

Jess Fang tv

this is from thailand

Dragon fire

Rko out of nowhere


host an open lobby :)

Dave Tyty

I never see them win

Marco Playz

Mexico didn't fight in Vietnam.


In the end we all know the winner

Amazing videos4u

Garrets fail

mohammed salman

My top score is 963


Panda abuse

I dragon girl Yt

Bro that’s messed up that you broke up with your wife for a girl on tinder

Domuneckles Channel

National front

Ernesto Coronado

If I was this guy I would had to make the best of my life and if I die someday I wanna die happy,For all the things I did, For my family that always was there, For everything, this is what god wanted for everyone to be happy no matter what

Notice Me Senpai

i prefer call of duty for zombies but battlefield have better multiplayer

Molly McKenzie

Red team

Me:you just HEARD MY VOICE


I dont have words for this

06:40 the deathly hallows part 1 This is not a story about recovery, this is about drug dependency that the society is creating in order to control our emotions, the right thing to do should be stay away of pharmaceutical drugs and understand the emotional reason why this woman is under depression.

Pa Bo

How about i lost the trust to anyone even myself



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