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BIONICLE Review - 8557: The Exo-Toa (2002)

Today... At the edge of our hope, at the end of our time, we have chosen not only to believe in ourselves, but in each other. Today there is not a brother or sister in here that shall stand alone. Not today. Today we face the monsters that are at our door and bring the fight to them! Today, we are CANCELIN' the BOHROK-ALYPSE!


Happy New Years Day. Guru, love for all the videos you do. Keep up the great work.


Wtf call of duty why dont they make nicer easter eggs

Spencer Berklite

In 2017 still waiting for vol 2

Kevin Bentley

are the song on this real or are they just put on

Mr Clasher

I’m hoping to achieve 200k amazing subscribers milestone this year (:

Alice Laytonsmith

I'm so happy for this boy and I'm so gratefull for my life and my family and friends


What’s happening ??Disney: YES


greta vid man

Shantrell Anderson

9.8M in views

Jenny Espinal


Naguel Belouad

Rolling down the hill haha


At this i predict ty wins

Suresh Sharma

I dont like minnion but my sis like i sent the video to her

alice RV

Q hermoso jungkook


(Fun Fact) This is legal in russia.

Jeryl Mah

Man you give the best talks ever! I really do learn a lot from all your talks dude! Thanks for posting these many videos! Keep up the good work!

jacob Griffiths

I rhink that the big lad is the best

Carlos Vargas

Panda is tim

Elijah Niblett

coby and tyler did the same thing after cody said cool not cool

US Government :Hold my coffee

Groovy Steve

Kaka carmen electra

BananaOooNaNa !

Much sadness

jasmine Williams

thats fake


Where's Coby and Cory

Ball Is Life, So is School

Great video I learned a lot but one u should have included is cod black ops 2 zombies origins lost little girl easter egg there are also many more easter eggs in origins.

Arjun Soren

EAGLE BABA is best

"i dont agree with lgbt+ people"

Sunita Birwal

You aren't allowed to disagree with someone's entire being . How entitled do have to be? Please cry some more and fill the ocean but dont come for the gays SWEETIE


You missed The nuaghty bear one! My bad


Sick!Man at that distance i guess they had to take the coriolis effect into account. That's why it appear to be curving. Hahah!



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