Aha development

Bo Eason shares his daily rituals for achieving greatness

The center of our world, our community and our families is about practice, is about rehearsal, is about running those miles toward achieving greatness. That should be center of our universe. It is our big game. It is the big show. But most of the time, it's not.So what do you have to do to start developing that kind of mentality? I'll tell you how I did it when I left the NFL for a new stage -- and how one of the greatest actors of our time helped me.--Thank you for watching this video. I hope you keep up with the videos I post here. If you haven't already, take a second to subscribe and share these videos with those that could benefit from them. Get a full transcript of this episode, as well as my full video archive, over at Make sure you subscribe so that you're among the first to know when I release a new episode. --Follow me online:Website: ABOUT BO EASONBo is a speaker, performer, author and trainer who started his career in the NFL as a top pick for the Houston Oilers. Continuing on with the San Francisco 49ers, during his 5-year career, Bo competed beside and against some of the greatest players of his generation.In 2001, Bo wrote and performed his one-man play, Runt of the Litter, which he performed on Broadway to rave reviews. The New York Times called it, “One of the most powerful plays in the last decade.” Bo toured with the play in over 50 cities and it is being adapted as a major motion picture.In his quest for excellence on the stage, Bo trained with some of the world’s most brilliant performance and movement coaches, Larry Moss and Jean-Louis Rodrigue. Bo now draws from their techniques and wisdom to coach others to be excellent presenters and storytellers.Bo is dedicated to helping others tap the power of their personal story and become effective, persuasive communicators. He has privately coached some of the most successful leaders in the world, and delivered his keynotes and workshops to groups such as Advisors Excel, Mass Mutual, Guardian, Protective Life Insurance, Dimensional Fund Advisors, Morgan Stanley, and Young Presidents Association. Bo has also appeared as a guest on shows like Bill Maher, Fox Sports Net, ESPN, The Rosie O’Donnell Show and CNN.

Hi Fwend!!!

Good video!!!

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I hate you

Atsuko Sasuke

You lose weight without diet or exercise because you always walks

James Zbinden

there is no sound in space because there is nothing for the sound waves to bounce off of.


I'm in the popular group I love it!😁😁😁😁😁😁😁

mimi jessi

I am 9 and I cryed for her


At the walking dead one flashbacks and sad memories




2:25 "The game is dope as fuck dude"? Cool, I've been thinking about getting it.

Sumaira Faisal


juliann bernardi

How many guneis world records do you guys have in all

Mack W.

When I heard his name I thought of the manaloa in spongebob

Ileana Profeanu

BPD is not in any way psychotic, it's just a PERSONALITY disorder, like the other SIX. you can get rid of it with therapy, like anxiety and depression. it is like bipolar in the sense that bpd sufferers, like those bipolar, have the black/white thinking pattern, but whilst for a bipolar it is a chemical imbalance in the brain, for BPD people is just irrational thinking patterns, learn to think rationally and the symptoms will go away :)

Devin Moultrie

Not a fan of Starbucks...

Enoch Adesanya

1 thing,who is Onder the panda mask

AngelM sepulveda

Dude perfect is the BEST!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I whish I can meet you!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :)

Jazz Alia

Kylie to daughter: she has her cloths customed xx

Ghost Gemini56

Do trick shots with Stephen Curry

Makayla Sejkora

Christmas came early!😂

Jeddy Bear

As an epileptic diagnosed 11 years ago, I find this beyond relatable because I went through the same thing at 12 years old. If you're someone with a lifelong condition, don't let it slow you down. I know Some days are harder than others. Do your best and hang in there 🖤

feeling tired all the time , i sleep all day and stay up all night, feeling worthless, overeating, suicidal thoughts

Yung Xray

What dirtbikes are those I wanna get one

Emily Valdespino

Halle Berry is so down to earth 😍❤️

Dj GaMeBoY342

Does anyone know where in the story this takes place?

Fast clover08

That’s what smoking do to you , that’s why kids , you don’t smoke 🚭 don’t do it!!!

Joyal Alby

Time to get a boomerang 😎😎😎

Tyler Waterman

he didn't even land itIt just floated back up upright

Plain Bagel

Cory and Coby cotton Cody Jones and Garrett Hilbert Tyler Toney

Easyomlet PH


Fresh Inky Boi

You are filled with emptiness

Ruby Snowy

wait that beat in video ist snow halation from love live

Blue winter snow

Watch this trailer go on #1 trending real quick haha


7:32 D:

Francis Palacios

Why do I feel like Catherine doesn’t really surprise Austin as much and Austin just keeps spoiling

ruben e delgado

I'm glad the Doc said you couldn't film. All annoying people. Disrespectful

Jaime Oren

When ty dunked it after it hit his head😂😂

Zainab Abdallah

If you honestly believe in The Almighty He can cure all even Aids

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For some reason, Cody reminds me of my sister’s boyfriend.😂😂😂😂

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got a 19 on my act hbu 😌

lies roelandts

you or the best gay ever.you


You called my dad weird😭😢😰

People for 99.9999999% of human history:

Supercars Of Wichita

what about the air traffic control shot?

Reggaeman YO

Some of the eastereggs in games just is to much work to reveal...like that last one, how is someone supposte to figure out that "if I shoot off all the heads under 15 seconds a song will play"

James Bond



The dead guy in the pier looks like lee everet from the walking dead game

Gia Princess

SUE HIM!!!!!

salty kookie

I was shocked when I saw this uploaded on my birthday

Phil Wesom

what happened to gar ?



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4:32 oh baby a triple

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I cried because of this


Why a book? what's wrong with you people?

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I love panda!


How bout the Spoiler guy?


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