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Brain Development

Find out what you can do to help young brains thrive through engaging, laughing, hugging, reading, singing and playing.

Aliyah C

My grades started to drop,-

Braddy Sosa



I got a gaming ad before this

Shadow Lizzie

<3 voice audio books please

Chuck Norris


Luisa Zieglerova

Kim Jong un is so the person

Back to the problem of communism: This same problem has happened in communist societies (or what has passed for communism) but not because people's basic needs were met. Rather it was because people ONLY had their basic needs met, EVEN if they tried to work harder, get a promotion or innovate in some way. But the USA is NOT a communist country. If people's basic needs were met with a basic income they could also work harder for extra income and so we escape this 'incentive' problem. This has been pointed out in other comments, that people's wages would be in ADDITION to basic income rather than instead of it.

Joe Public

I wonder how many SEGA staff are still left?


I still remember that when I clicked on this song it had 916 views and 1.6k likes

Drizzplays 89

For some reason I’m not seeing dude perfect that often on Nickelodeon or if it’s just that I’m not watching it 😦😑😐

Galaxy Playz

never bully kids.


Can you do a full court fade away?

Myprick Yourprick

This is the first time I'm seeing a black balloon lol😂

Chette Boardman

how is this possible for anyone?


so true

Trenton Schleifer


R.I.P Michelle Weber it was 2018 when you passed, now it’s 2019. It’s been a year, I miss you..

Wilson Robin

Bro u used to be good....whst the fuck is this.


You are a very smart boy


2:43 wtf



Will you make more videos

Leca Soberano

Im your biggest fun hoo


Where's Barton?


There's not really much creepy or scary Easter eggs nowadays

Elo Veltix

Is this what Brady will have to do once he retires?

Deli Sh

#8 in Malaysia

Tammy Zeithamer

Eep the beard Cody

NF: yes ..

Arpita Panda

All my close friends are girls. I'll never face that blame of being in love with my close friend

Calvin Magallanes

4:30 Traxxas bandit buggy came outta nowhere4:44 achievement unlocked for Garrett Hilbert: The Power Button Pusher

Intimate, but never political, pretty visual


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