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Breath of the Wild 2: Will TIME TRAVEL Save Hyrule?

Will The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild's Sequel feature time travel in it's story? We believe so, and here's our reasoning!Cuccolover's Channel - taken from:NintendoTwitter - server: thanks to my Patreon supporters!Patreon - #BreathoftheWild2 #Sequel

Samuel James

The question is .. how did they manage to do that in the spectogram?


Samantha Szczypien



The music is annoyingly too loud


There are quite a few fishy things about this video.1: Cody's suspiciously same sounding "OOHH!"2: in the clip where Jason throws the ball around Ty, Cody or Ty says "Oh god" or "Oh man," but I'm the replay, he really distinctly says "oh boy!" In a way different tone to make it obviously different3: I won't even say what's wrong with the last clip. It speaks for itself.

Trystan Mixon



How is your life over? Your still alive

Emilio Nieto

Tyler is the beast

Gamer C

you guys are good


Maybe you could adopt a kid or have another baby

Beast Mode

Just beat up the bully, and you’re good to go.

Will Sieg

Team Coby/Cory all the way

jake schultz

06:50 ROAD HOGS!!!

I hope this makes sense

best out of waste

my vavrate is garret

Sean Moore



oh wait .


I was just playing aliens the other day bc why not

Clearly I’m going insane, I can get a little twisted , this music industry is blind. Idk why you aren’t at the top ,

Jadyn Ceballos

I've Loved baseball for my whole life I play for Little League I am in majors Murray Hill Little League my name is Jaden and I love baseball

Albert Strandlund

Why you not do a wideo with handball?

Logan Films

the person who said "you cant see anybody they're in the foam at 1:10 was panda


Whispering (especially with loud music) asmr

Jonny Test

The part where you accidentaly made it in the hoop was amazing

Shawn Murphy

How about Fallout: New Vegas? :D

N. v


Cole Shedd

Go ty

Jacob Louie

Splash bros for life!

Sandra Violet

26 on trending in Turkey

Eat enough.

Kacper Zajączkowski

Knife skie


Game looks good but i think ill do the same thing i did with destiny and wait for copy containing all the dlc fir half the price

Mily Milo

2:21 wheres your scars (right)

Read more

Dustin Weisman



Love how sas asmr has more subscribers then walt Disney

Jendrick Werleman

A fairy brought him back


The Star Wars one was because it was a skin-tight shirt I guess and the cut must have caused the elastic to shoot up. Or maybe Lucas wanted to see Natalie Portman's abs


unrelated opinion Interviewer : show me


nice one

BACKFIREtv Productions

You guys read these? Is it POSSIBLE?

Colour Barz

Username 666 XD

Ello Da Icon

Keep up the outstanding work lil bruh!!!

Dickson Illon


Liv xx

From 0:00 to 0:44 I relate to every single word. Except me and my brother found out at the exact same time. 💖💖💖💖💖💖💖💖💖💖💖 here for you 🥰

1000 subscribers with no videos chalenge

A girl from my class is also born 4 months too early

My Friend Aj

Why didn't you name it the gold bullet I'm so triggered


1:28 when you want to talk but u have a high voice


Krystal Mahurin

Lets go tyler

Marco Di Fonte

Corey el de obscure

Dogdude 360

I like the doge Easter egg



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