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TOPIC- cAMP PATHWAY || IP3-DAG PATHWAY| GPCR (PART-2) For CSIR NET (CELL SIGNALING)Cyclic AMP is an important second messenger. It forms, as shown, when the membrane enzyme adenylyl cyclase is activated (as indicated, by the alpha subunit of a G protein). The cyclic AMP then goes on the activate specific proteins.The activated Gs alpha subunit binds to and activates an enzyme called adenylyl cyclase, which, in turn, catalyzes the conversion of ATP into cyclic adenosine monophosphate (cAMP), directly increasing the cAMP level. Four cAMP molecules are able to bind to the two R-subunits.Inositol triphosphate (IP3) and diacylglycerol (DAG) are important second messengers. Their formation begins with the binding of an extracellular regulatory molecule to a membrane receptor that activates a trimeric G protein.The IP3 diffuses to the endoplasmic reticulum, which stores Ca++.Protein kinase C, commonly abbreviated to PKC is a family of protein kinase enzymes that are involved in controlling the function of other proteins through the phosphorylation of hydroxyl groups of serine and threonine amino acid residues on these proteins, or a member of this family****************************************************ABOUT CHANNEL: This channel will have the syllabus wise lectures Video for CSIR-NET-Lifescience/GATE-Lifescience/BARC/ICMR-JRF/ICAR.*****************************************************MORE VIDEOS ON CSIR NET (CELL SIGNALING)GPCR-PART 1: 2 (IP3 DAG PATHWAY and cAMP PATHWAYCELL SIGNALING INTRODUCTION || CSIR NET || GATE |OF CELL SIGNALING | CSIR NET | GATE | CELL SIGNALINGAND RECEPTOR (PART-1)-CSIR NET/GATEAND RECEPTOR (PART-2) |INTRACELLULAR RECEPTOR |-CSIR NET/GATEsurface receptor | ligand and receptor (part-3)(PART-1)- CSIR NET(PART-2) | what are caspases??- CSIR NET(PART-3)| INTRINSIC PATHWAY-CSIR NET(PART-4)| EXTRINSIC PATHWAY-CSIR NETIMPORTANT POINTS FOR CSIR NET CSIR NET QUESTIONSSHARE SUBSCRIBE FOR MORE SUCH VIDEOS

# IISloydII

Just scream dumbass

Katy Chang

Call me.

Jack Kakabeeke

Ik spreeyt neydurlunts!

king javii

Yah u should do a hockey battle


Body shaming is just so mean smh



Jaz 23

It only benefited the husband and not the wife; and decided AFTER leaving her that he made a mistake 🙄 it couldn’t be me I’m sorry

Stuart Smith

Team ty

Captain Uncle

I wonder how long it took them to get Cody in the tank

Logan Bme

Wings of redemption will be having this on his stream, real tawk pimpin


The deal with the teddy bears is that one of the developers had a daughter that died with a teddy bear in her hand

Moon Shine Down

Oh 👅 pfft 👅 pffft, sorry we all cant be like YOU, Lily!!! 😡

Read the first word


I would just start humping lol

Manoj sahoo

I am a big fan of dude perfect and if you also like dude perfect, please like this comment


I bet you won't fall for this.Read more

But great video as always!


Those fans are garbage but then they weren't treated any better here on the West coast. Booing a fighter after a fight should be looked at like booing any other combat veteran.

The Dru Vlogs

🔥🔥straight bars

aly wongster

Anyone wonder how the move the tables

FNI Sheydrik INF HousTon

Tiene un solo anuncio, pero como +90M de visitas ese anuncio les dio los Trillones de dolares que ocuparan ellos, los papas, tios, tias, nietos y tatara nietos.


Couldn't find the little guru Easter egg this video anyone see one ?

Mahbub Miyan

That got hella dark real quick

brett ricks

what song is that???


did anybody notice that at 2:20 the cursor for John Marston is named Jack Marston?


That goal was not 8 foot that goal was 9 to 10 foot goal I had that exact same goal and I can dunk on a 8 foot so that's really a foot than cody sad



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