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Celebration of Dance 2019 Challenge: HJC Ugly Heart throwdown

Harry J. Clarke Public School staff challenge Prince Charles Belleville and all schools... Do you have what it takes? @Dance_HPE #sayitwithdance #hpecod challenge 2019 videoCelebration of Dance is Wednesday, May 1, 2019.


Not enough oxidizers ...

Renandya Aja

Wow, its very cool

Ali Hasanov

Мake mom edition



abdul nuru

I think Germany will win just a guess

blake Bender

coby is such a boss

Most Valuable Pig

"I can't move that fast!"

The Yeetmeister

Elon Musk. As soon as you said "I've been nicknamed the real life Tony Stark" I knew immediately.

gypsygrace vintagegoat

I think they sould make more videos like that.

David Chan

Mile 22

My friend: What? That...... That doesn't make sense ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

a cookie boi

7:02 if you listen closely you can hear a heavy taunt killing

Chase Perry

I am 12 I think the same way I think I might be a physco path




Thanks for the video!!

Nuniii NAM555

My dads uncle died at his honey moon because his parachute didn’t open! It was really sad for my dad


Miguel that was Samantha the "queen" of the zombies Richtofen takes her place which explains the eye color change from bo1 to bo2. Weasel had control during Alcatraz

Jennifer Hemmingway

What’s the story plot? Anna and Elsa’s parents are alive? Is there a threat? Other people with powers like Elsa?

Yashi Soni

Please try jawbreaker from JSC

Jennifer Martin Rider



I feel sorry for cory

Jokubas gm

This video is one of the best from your channel! 😍😀😋

Jwahir Hunter

7:14 You mean that these stories are fake?

Ryleigh Nadeau


Maelie Time

5:03 you go girl

William Payne

So misleading off the bat again. You bring up the Inuit people claiming they can be healthy but then fail to bring up the fact that their life expectancy is 15 to 20 years Iower than even the average westerner. Something so misleading in just the first two minutes.


my score was 12

Tammy b


SeEmS lEgIt

Street Disciple Productions

He long been a LeBron hater if LeBron has everything gone right for him in his career he be 9-0 in finals. Steph Chokes in the playoffs with his 3 point shooting. He doesn’t make good decisions when he’s double teamed instead of him passing to the player with a wide open lane he passes to Klay or Kevin Durant for a shot that isn’t smart. That’s why Draymond Green is the best decision maker on the team plus the best defender on the team. He has two great on ball defenders. Iggy and draymond in this series to give them a better series from defense. Kevin Durant most likely tore his achilles and will never be 100%. When you tear your achilles it feels like you’ve been touched and that happened in game 1 or 2. Klay got hurt and he’s they’re 3rd option when everyone’s healthy.


You know the full name of this guy I'm guessing. So, you can get arrested for leaking this stuff. Tell your parents before someone else does, Call the Police and give them his information, and act normal to everyone else because getting less of a reaction is less fun for everyone else.

HyPer Kevin

Rhode Island is the team

Sweaty Nacz

Team up with patty mahomes


Donie Little

90 days sober! ☺️


juice vibes industry plant

Doug Pizzica

I love ty

Dario Junior

team ty

Frédéric Chopin

Duh. Elsa is trying to f.ind her par.ents.


I hate everyone making jokes. This is horrible. Don’t make jokes about this

Sanjay Pawar

This is just phenomenal


Tom Brady


Panda can you pls pls pls do a face reveal


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