Aha development

Cell To Embryo

Watch the amazing transformation of a cell to an embryo.


thanks for the warning! cus i hate jumpscares!


It's not really fear of death. More like not living anymore.

Jasmine Tait

I have aspergers syndrome too ❤️

Amani Stewart

How far along is Shyla?


this is awsome


You can find the bear in Battlefield 2 aswell :)


at 2:17

Me: uh oh


can't say anything just WOW 🤐🤐🤐😱😱😱😱

Multi Strike

its real

Diamond Scorpion

who’s watching from panda reveal?

Yojari Hernandez Juarez

Facebook is for old people like you


Everyone else looks so uncomfortable when Tyler is around like coby in wheel unfortunate




My life Is over....

الأسطورة ؟


Sebastian Börner

Book is a bestseller in many countries already.

Nitesh Sarkar

Well YouTube have become a bit lazy now....You can understand umm.

Alyse Califano

This is why I can always trust one piece


The fact that you don't have 1 mill subs after all the hard work and dedication you put in your videos really piss me off. Love you Guru.

Bryan Thomas

hey I am going there next summer

Audaciousfellew Oof

1900? how is he alive still???



Annika Kaelin

That school sucks it is a good thing your parents cared

Jack Brown

I thought the earliest easter egg was in "Adventure?"

Sydney Schellinger

hay yo ima shark

Cardenas Family


Mr. Jever

Ep. 5 was really disappointing to me. I just feel like I'm left with too many unanswered questions. Other than that it's a pretty fun and relaxing game with TONS of 'easter eggs'. Probably too many unsubtle ones to have in one video.

The Best Of Gaming

I miss the old Ubisoft 😔


Thanks for the video, great as always guru.

I am talking about sending and receiving between me and a friend who got computers but no radios.

sml logoan

My favorite dunk is everyone

Iqbal Pratt

When elsa used the purple dress, she looks like witch. And the woman are staring at aurora is elsa's mother?? Definitely, This movie is full of mystery

Hernan Suarez

MaximumGaming // MGTV

i just got back from rwanda africa


This is how many fidget spinners they used👇

Legendarous TV

“I didn’t go to school, your father didn’t go to school. You are a girl.”

Jane janekung


Zac Gabriel Llanto



this video reminded me of minecraft for no reason

Colby Will

That stuff is so cool


Watching 2016

chase biles

"whats up Dude"🤙🤙🤙👈👉🤙🤙🤙 sounds like the host dude is just holding some spit onretainer in his mouth. like a retarded fucking camel

PvPHullu ILike

FAQ 3rd

Savage Shockers



Seattle space needle

Iddo Alif

Okay I saw Kojima at 3:25 is it supposed to be there or what.

Owen Morgan

@nintendowii20001 Holy shit made once u couldnt make it so fuckoff asswipe

a dawg



He never said he found it first dumbass.If you did found it first no one gives a shit.

Ghost Aa


Joshua & Sara Lewis

you guys can't help but make trick shots even to train. ha ha like if you agree

Ansari Ayesha

I experience all these symptoms not from past 2 weeks but everyday


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