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Changing The Way We Talk About Disability | Amy Oulton | TEDxBrighton

You can take a wheelchair just about anywhere. Amy addresses societal perceptions of disability and her vision for how we all change the way we approach disability.Amy has been a wheelchair user for the past ten years; she has Ehlers-Danlos syndrome, a rare genetic condition that causes weak tissues, joint dislocation, chronic pain and fatigue. In spite of this, Amy lives an exciting and hugely positive life, travelling the world, working as a graphic designer for a charity and campaigning to change the way society understands disability. Most recently, Amy has published for Buzzfeed on her three-month adventure around South East Asia, writing about, filming, and photo-documenting her experiences in her wheelchair. talk was given at a TEDx event using the TED conference format but independently organized by a local community. Learn more at

I know random question. =w=







angie shumaker

How do you shave something if you do have any

Kedija Hassen

I’m only allergic to dust... allergic reactions are the worst my face, back, and hands get all itchy


I think level 100 coronal got the shark


I would have wanted a remake, but seeing the action based bs in the ff7 remake, rendering the materia system useless, I'd be happier with a remaster


It sounds like she made the right choice going No Contact with her mom. Still having panic attacks about it 7 years later? The abuse this woman put her through was probably horrible. Thats exists 😖

Stephanie Summers


Trayce Taggart

Who's watching this in 2017

But I’m afraid of dying in a horrific way


Jeremy Poe

This. THIS is the video their production got cranked up to eleven! I've watched most of their videos from the beginning today.

crazy fanliy tanya and tamir



im happy everytime i see a new video on your channel (:


You guys might yell "Kobe" or "Cury" when you shoot a shot. I yell "Dude Perfect!"

Morgan Parsons

whispering its Levi o sa, not Levios a

David Koen

That babies feet was very broken

moriah olinick

I literally think ty is an egg-tortionist

Ava moon

I'm 9 and I have a art Brian problem I can't spell and every mourning hertz so bad I aunt to die but my fronds help me throu the times I think of sowisid

me: im just here for the luxo ball and a113

Tumbling Monkeys

Imagine being a person who dislikes this video?!? 😂

Najib Mumtaz

Mantap jiwa

Secret Panther

Next time dunk WITHOUT a trampoline then we will judge

Yessica Quintana

Make a pastel palette 😭🥵😍

gaming with nika

Im a filipino, i came from the philippines..who lives in the philippines????😁😁


Why does her voice sound so familiar?..Hmm..

cousins fan club

Wow this is so amazing videos

YFG astrocat

Hole in 1 ball

justin denley

Creepy kids, anime = pornography. Not a fan.


This is so sad!! :'(

Super Buggy

4:46 is satisfiing

Heraldo Louis

2 notes about the last 2 references: the Ico one is only avaible on the PAL version of the game if you have it for PS2. The HD remake uses the PAL version so you don't need to worry about it. The Borderlands reference allows you to use vehicles but you are not allowed to use fast travel only.

NeoSpawn 10

Good work Guru!



As much guru as a guruchuck could chuck,

Ousi Cousi

what about the "potatoes" in one of the toilets? :D

Wendy Capalad


Mark Topliffe

You should go to the Amazon

Michelle Solomon


linzer p

So awesome!

JaXe Astral

I heard Switzerland and I knew it was Kim jong un



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