Aha development

Chat with Uganda: Development Studies program

Join Charlotte Mafumbo, Academic Director of the Uganda: Development Studies program as she discusses aspects of her program with Admissions counselor Ian Hefele.

Park G young

Fuk man, wht are there so many triggered guys???? Just because people say girls beed rights doesn't mean u can go hate on them. Im a guy too

him: 24

Lil milkshake

Tittle: I lost my long beautiful hair from cancer

Joseph Parker

Hi FBE team! This is soooo Adorable!

Ella the Potterhead

I remember once I was volunteering at the library and we were putting stickers in books for little kids. I just felt better when the one sticker paper that was half used was on the top. I just said to the other people it just fells better. This dude says you have OCD? And for so,e reason I got so mad on the inside. I guess it was just because people assume that just because you sometimes double check stuff that it's OCD. OCD is not an adjective. It's a real disease that people actually have to go through.

Vincent B.

love from Belgium !!!!

King Jake717

lebron James, Stephen Curry, or Steve kerr

Josiah Sey

Am i the onlywho is the first one?

Gracie Rae

I,m on the tyler train he rules!!!!!!!!!!


whats the chill music playing in the background at the end of the video? I really like it!


You forgot about the half life reference about the saw in the school, great video tho, thumbs up

I get the feeling that girl didn't intend to mean to hate the LGBT community but most likely didn't care

Frosty HardTruth

Yes. Lmao. Ethan’s totally a clone of blind opera singer Andra Boccelli and his eye tick is his dna fighting off the need to close his eyes ( ?)

Jen Jones

Lmaooo “I don’t have nipple rings, god”😂😂😂😂😂


You guys must perform live someday

Tim Is Best

Guru you suck! Videogames eastereggs is what We want!

Marcel Scheibe

einfach nur geil

just sounds

I know my videos are cringy but it is my birthday and I am hoping that you can subscribe to my channel

Rest well Durant.


Dudes r looking so young 😂

Thrash Maniac

Apple on pandas head you have failed this city

TrevorV 2006

when they did the boat blaster i legit thought Tyler wasn’t there

Jordan Adamo

guru u are the king


But really theres heaps of easter eggs D;

abu attah

Shame on Nips Killer.. He is a loser as the marathon continues.

svr modder

The last one is the best


My favourite is the reference to the 'hey' meme

Radja gaming

Woy ngopi diem diem bae


if they were fake why would they be on nirto circus and today show???

Interesting Stuff

I am the Produce Inspector 😂 I am also the Ms. Expiration Date, and the Freezer Freakout



mayra perez

It is true people who do not feel loved they tend to use drugs to not feel not loved

Amber Jones

I played this song in my house


get matt stonie on the show!!

Fallen SniperXOX

Ik how u feel to not have friends who share the same interest

Emi Shi

deeeeeeeeeep stuff


My favorite was the 60 yard!

AMH Studios

Did anyone got this on recommendation on april,2019

Alison Parkinson

I am definitely the cart rider

aaliyah Younes

Girl, if your not happy in a relationship end it you don’t deserve the stress

Clan SSO



These are so faked. Until I see it in a book it’s BS


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