Aha development

Child Development- Physical (0-12 months)

Information on Child development by looking at P.I.E.S (Physical, Intellectual, Emotional and Social development) of an Individual. This video gives information about a child's Physical development from the age of 0-1 years old.This video is aimed at anyone who is taking on Health and Social Care or Child care, and would like information for their assignments. Or it could be for those who just generally have an interest in child development, and love children! it matters very little!© 2011 Afsha Farook. All rights reserved.

Bradley M

2:25 * fake coughing behind mic *

Briana Johnson

If you guys didn’t have a party that night!

Jordjaed Martinez


Tashika Joseph

I wouldve dragged her ass all the way to africa and smack her so hard her edges would just fly away. What she did was just fucked up.


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The 5 Siblings

Who's watching in October 2017

Dawson Hobbs

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There's a lot more Gatorade in the world

Muhammed Ajmalnp


Vegeta The Saiyan Prince

I liked it how when Kaz said all of them will always be with you


wow don't get too excited there mate.


GTA 6 based in NYC confirmed??

EnderMiner 21

Never forget "My parents said I'm an accident too" from Powerpuff Girls

Graeme Murray

At 3:00 why is there a gallon of milk on the candy shelf

10000 subs Without any videos

Im subbed since you guys had 500k you blew up so fast

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these finals you did are like middle school 6th grade shit bro this is definitely not accurate unfortunately lmao. i have'nt done a map test thing or a timed math test in years and im in 9th grade rip



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What's the song's name?

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That cool l really love it .....😍😍

Meloney Olsen

Why did you say it was winter when coby had shorts on lol🤔

Ah so that's what that little hint was towards that comment of you being mysterious. Personally I think you've done just fine as you have before. You've shown a lot of great Easter eggs and introduced a lot of good music by playing them with your videos.  Hope you been enjoying this Expansion .. day 3: more blood???

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I love this song

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Childhood and Been Now is 3:49, Great Job Cody

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8:13 - 8:49 Did anyone else notice how the tea-making process in Mozart in the Jungle is the exact same as the one used in Samurai Jack from the first part of this series ? Cool...

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Brian Herbert

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The adventurous Guinea pig

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Cristiano Teixeira

watch?v=H8HFhUYZApc my 1st video (:

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