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Children of color with autism face disparities of care and isolation

African-American children are often diagnosed with autism at older ages than white children, missing years of potential intervention and treatment. Special correspondent John Donvan and producer Karen Zucker meet a black family who struggled to find community and resources for their son with autism, but are now helping others who need answers and support.

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texas roadhouse hands down!....

Garrett Bates

2:05 look at the names on the desk.


@vernonnorbert Umm Question... Do you wear a helmet to bed?

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Deberían hacer más de estos videos

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7:40 coincidencia, meu mario esta salvado exatamente nessa fase, cheguei ontem a noite...

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I like Tylers Signature dunk

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hello sir plz make a video on cricket .....


So Guru is about 20?

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Shrek is Love, Shrek is Life

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When else cried

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My family sometimes compare me to my cousins or friends, that's why I always blame myself for not being the girl that they want me to be.

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You all are the best in the world

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Its just like avenger trailer wich always give me some goosebumps


okay.. it depens on which country you are.. but still your telling my forza4 and skyrim cost like 12$


Such great effort and editing in your videos keep up the great work

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You know what I really hate about your videos Guru? They don't last longer

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LOL ''helooooooooo''

thank me later

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On Friday I turned super saiyan and banished them to the Earth's core and watched them burn true story


I just noticed if some of them were on a football teams they would be legends

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Garret looks like a dale earnhart double

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man.. this is gold!

I moved on

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One wordYikes😑

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I play hockey

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this is this nice :)

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Isn't his hair black


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Dang they got the top players 😱


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