Aha development

Chimp vs. Baby

Neighbor Gamez

I always have and I always will..... I believe in Coby Cotton.

ø Eman Hafeez ø

Plot twist: her moms boyfriend and her dads girlfriend are dating

Bruhhhhhhhh 😩🤦🏽‍♀️


hayden defriese

how do ya'll do that

Sasha Doney

People are saying that you guys are FAKE! Are you?

Clorox Bleach

This poor girl

Heather O'Brien



Yeah, I wasn't trying to be a dick. It's fun to watch and I like what DudePerfect does.


we arn't talking about X=Box...... -_-

NyaNay Boi

What about when the parents are causing this depression

Miguel Jorge

2:17 Nathan Drake?


m mnk

Congratulations brother, this is trending in an ISIS held region!


Max on crack. “Kawhi the best player in the world?!” Someone come get this dude


hes got marathon and litewight

Aasim sanai

Far cry 4 easter eggs

yoyo 94

Me in my toilets:

Drew Emery

Make a video of panda and who is inside 🐼

Isabella Galeano

Girl you are beautiful just the way you are!!!!!!


Theres a scene in Scooby Doo movie after they get caught in the house where theyre stuck in a giant wire ball. Daphnie saves the day by putting blush and a porestrip on the fingerprint detecter.

Luis Arellano

Super Mario song

Caneshia Wade

I want to drawling you and your videos you’re the best boy in the world you sure do it you’re the best girl draws you in marvel shows but a little harder with care yourself Lish you should’ve flew video games and make them win


❄️CNN said it was TRUMPS fault.

Lps Susan

I had a fake friend who stole from me and would only be friends with people for their stuff she could steel but then we ended our friendship

Taurus 03

That's molestation.

Austintheflipper2009 /2019

Plz make more bro mo

Andy Wang

Look goosebumps clown, I saw this in my inbox, look I was just asking if they killed the sharks, you didn’t make the video so I don’t think you have the right to aware at me ugly clown. Oh and by the way you looked more uglier in goosebumps 2 than goosebumps 1 :) Might because your getting older and dustier.

Yasje 030

2:12 Im sorry but the way you say picture was annoying😂😂😂

Braiden keim

It always puts a smile on my face when I see a video come up from you. thanks :D

Miriam Chmiel


Evie Senior


TTV. Streamer BTW

I got a 31


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