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China's first chick hatched without an eggshell | CCTV English

Cracking an egg into a glass bowl and then watching the chick develop, grow, and hatch sounds like the most impposible idea ever. But this video shows that it can be done. Let's watch the entire fascinating process of China's first chick hatched without eggshell in just 21 days.【Best of CCTV】selects and collects the most popular videos of all CCTV channels.【Subscribe to CCTV English YouTube Channel】: More CCTV Shows in HDChinese Arts and Crafts:Tibet Short Documentaries:My Life My China:Meet the Diplomats:Looking China:The Forbidden City 100:Spectrum Asia:Closer to China with R.L Kuhn:Travelogue:My China:Crossover:Dialogue:The Heat:Full Frame:CCTV News by CCTV America:The Great Challenge:【Subscribe to CCTV English YouTube Channel】:Follow and Like us on Facebook:Twitter:Instagram:Subscribe to more official YouTube channelsCCTV Gala:CCTV 4:CCTV:iPanda:

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Trick Shot Kids

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You should do some gameplay videos that dont cover easter eggs sometime. It doesnt have to be done frequently and its just a suggestion and i understand if you dont want to do this bit i think it might be a good idea. And by "gameplay videos that dont cover easter eggs" i mean things like small montages or just footage from when you find the easter eggs for a video.

ShiningStar Studios

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a kid in my class had a brain tumor when he was 11 he luckily made it he still has to get chemo but its gone alot now

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One of the only times I actually want a singer to win

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Liquid Snake Philippines

Great presentation! What program did you use in making this video? Many thanks!

Pan Pan

fucken love watching these

bob ross

you missed the mw2 teddy bears

Anasia Echavarria

I can relate to this so much.Just a few days ago,my grandma passed away.I too was also very close to her.She was really kind and was willing to help anyone in need.She even went to a recreation center to help people.She played music,she hung out with the kids there,and she loved it there.I went there and fell in love with it.But one day,my mom was rushing to get out of the house.She came back a while later saying "I'm sorry.Come here."It looked like she was crying.I hugged her and she said "Grandma Patti passed away."Do you know when you cross your eyes and it gets blurry?Thats what happened for a second before i started crying.A few days later I went to her service.It wasnt a funeral.I saw her body from afar.It took me so long to get to the front of the room.My aunts were loudly crying in front of her.I just miss her.But I cant have her back.Thank you for reading and dont ever give up hope.

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EnderMiner 21


David Knuckey

1:13 in Monster Inc, the location was borrowed from Bug’s Life

Joseph Nester

this happened in 1971, so now we know her story.

Paul MD

I just want my regular life back. :(


Is there any evidence of that? (Not trying to sound rude) :P

M Walton

★★★★★ Showstopper!


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