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Circulatory & Respiratory Systems - CrashCourse Biology #27

Hank takes us on a trip around the body - we follow the circulatory and respiratory systems as they deliver oxygen and remove carbon dioxide from cells, and help make it possible for our bodies to function.Crash Course Biology is now available on DVD! CrashCourse? us! of Contents1) Respiratory System 00:482) Simple Diffusion 00:553) Respiratory Anatomy 02:35a) Trachea to Capillaries 03:104) Lung Function & Thoracic Diaphragm 04:375) Circulatory System 05:356) Circulatory Anatomy 05:54a) Left Ventricle to Capillary Beds 06:50b) Veins to Left Atrium 08:467) Endotherms & Ectotherms 09:20References for this episode can be found in the Google document here: video uses the following sounds from Freesound.org:"00559 deep breathing 1.wav" by Robinhood76crash course, crashcourse, biology, animals, oxygen, carbon dioxide, cellular respiration, circulatory system, respiratory system, circulation, respiration, heart, lung, artery, vein, pulmonary, simple diffusion, membrane, lungfish, larynx, trachea, bronchus, bronchiole, alveolus, capillary, blood, inhale, exhale, diaphragm, thoracic, pressure, breathing, breath, pump, red blood cell, four chambered heart, ventricle, muscle, aorta, vena cava, atrium, endotherm, ectotherm, hank green Support CrashCourse on Subbable:

Matt Daniel

U know what to do.........

Boston Terrier

You’re bullied for being skinny? Well that’s new...

Jared Morrow

Love you guys

Taylor Jade

Happens to me all the time

Djnwordfistercottonpicker Ongod

I could tell your very exited

Slug Boi

It's been a long time man you've been grinding man just keep it up


Mireya Flores

0.47 he looked like he had a invisible body

me: no it’s okay i just need to tell you something


u guys r great keep it up !

Jeffy Paul



Story of my life. Just can’t keep up.


Fucking idiots!


I <3 funwithguru

and soon it will leave you mutilated

Lena ???

i had to make sure my playback speed was normal in the beginning lmao

me: noooooooo

chloe candance

Rainy day stereotypes

Mark Riberio

Corner MacGregor is the best

Odellia Ezan

Did it

Fabulouspug 59

First to lose virginity.

Ryen Nazz

my pixies fucking dead


it looks like a studio Ghibli reference to the left of Luxo Jr. Can't remember which movie though.

Eduardo Torres

You speak OMG

Sébastien Hart

team coby

Clemens Muehlegger

What happens with the poor sharks?

maki yusuf

1:19 had me dying

Viliyan Donchev

probably all of them O.O

Sassy Creator

1 like= 1 chair to her boyfriends face

Sir Fabulous

people who didnt watch or know about the one rings effects or not even knowing what it was would be scared shitless from the ring easter egg

2.You ain't Jap.

Dino Ottilia

She probably forgot she did this video

SatisFactory !

Dude perfect lives in frisco tx

Daniel Walker

Thats why bikinis are bad

I'm not crying

Aurelius Torres

Where is that

Stanley Cheung

The title should been (Feat. Lebron, Kobe, Durant etc.)

Ian Mason

The sound when they miss was from wii

Andrew Folmer

Gold digger she's a gold digger don't ever date this type of person if they're only out there just to get money and all that don't take them because guess what they're going to break your heart like I don't even know about they're going to break your heart

Georgeta Lives

I'm confused by the THUMBNAIL


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