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Cleaning The Dirtiest Car Interior Ever! Complete Disaster Full Interior Car Detailing

. Today I am doing a full car interior cleaning of a Ford E350 work truck van that is a complete disaster. This truck has never been cleaned since it was purchased in 2008 and this is the hardest and dirtiest car I have ever cleaned. I share my car cleaning process and all of the tools and products used to clean this car interior and bring it back to life. #worktrucksneedlovetoo #carcleaning #cardetailing #cleaningSubscribe and Like todays video & Turn On Notifications for New videos -to Products Used:Amazon Storefront - Steam Cleaner - Carpet Cleaner - Guys Silk Shine - Glass Cleaner - Aerospace Protectant - Aerospace Cleaner - Brush (Set of 5) - Workbench - Joe SPX3000 Pressure Washer - Guard Inserts - Guys Foam Cannon - Guys Microfiber Wash Mitt - Guzzler Microfiber Drying Towels - Other auto detailing and How To Videos:NASTY Car Carpet Cleaning 4 Easy Ways! Car Interior Cleaning Like A Pro - The Dirtiest Car Ever || Cleaning Car Interior || Car Detailing - to Clean Your Wheels And Tires Like A Pro! Car Detailing - SAFEST WAY To Clean Engine Bay Without Water - How To Clean Your Engine - To Clean Car Windshield In 4 Easy Steps - Car Detailing Tips - TO Clean Car Interior Detailing - Destroyed By Kids - To Polish A Car Like A Pro - Car Detailing - To SUPER Wash and Clean Your Car Like A Pro - Car Detailing - TO Deep CLEAN Cloth Car Seats - Car Interior Detailing - To CLEAN & RESTORE Headlights Like A Pro! - Car Detailing - To Clean Car Interior Detailing - The Mini Van... - To Clean Car Interior Like A Pro - To RESTORE Plastic Trim - To Perform A COMPRESSION TEST - Used:Overdue (Instrumental Version) - Sam ShoreFumes - [ocean jams]Gone & Found - Sum WaveKnockout 2 - Da ToobyIt's Gonna Be Alright (Instrumental Version) - BasixxWelcome to Stauffer Garage! My name is James Stauffer and if you are looking for car cleaning and car detailing tips, tricks and how to tutorials... you came to the right channel! Be sure to subscribe and remember, every car deserves some love. Business Inquiries: thestauffergarage@gmail.comFTC Disclaimer: This video is not sponsored. We feel so lucky to call Youtube my job. If I partner with a company I will always disclose it here. Please know my relationship with my viewers is of the utmost importance to me and all opinions and reviews that I share are my own.

I couldn’t stop laughing this whole time watching this

chess talkers

Hate school it's so boring

eXe Serudo

9 Loot midget easter egg lol i already knew it when he came down the water xD

Sarthak Jakhmola


kumbaya shit

Are you fucking serious?

Nichole Mushtare


CP Chong

I was about to purchase and download Far Cry 4 and this video helps me save over a hundred bucks.


Shredder is going to be an awesome big brother. Best friends forever. Cuteness overload 😍

I love freddie

I died when she said

lostin lavender

i ended a relationship that lasted 3 years! 3 years of unhappiness, stress, dissapointment, pain and suffer! IT ENDED, MY FRIENDS! ITS FINALLY OVER!!! god, i love being single.

Ez 479

Blitzball trickshots 2

Bryan Meehan

Why ty misses that bad it’s awesome every time


Share fam

Trunq Hiếu Minoz

Thằng nào Vietsub bá đạo thiệt chứ 🤘

Father Chubblin

0:59 it's really cool to see that Tales from the Borderlands will have something to do with this game.


Man these videos always make me cry:’( i hope they’re able to conceive a baby naturally some day... or maybe have a surrogate mother

manu pulz

I like it when the panda just tackling the rugby bags

Gamer Boy!!

You waste alot of food

romina vivas

Ella es callaitaaaa 🎵 To all the cheaters, think about the emotional damage you cause your partner, that may cause them to never be brave enough to love again

ImgameplaYz 2005

Dude perfect you are awesome


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