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CN Train Blows Turbo in University Park

Okay, I need to clear a couple things up.#1, John was the one who called 911, not me, so anyone who criticizes me from now on for overreacting to that will be directed to the description.#2, the traction motors were not on fire, John just said they were because there were some sparks coming it; that's it.Don't blame me for what he says.#3, to those who say this is normal, well maybe it is, but this was the first I'd ever seen this happen in person, and I surely was not expecting to see this, so I definitely had a strong reaction to it.While on my way to my dad's house in Monee, John and I paced a SB CN train in University Park.He was revving up out of the siding, and then we noticed he was blowing sparks.We paced him a little further south, and then he revved it up higher and then a huge fireball emitted.At that moment, the train slowed to a stop.This was easily the craziest thing I have ever seen!For licensing/usage, please contact:licensing@viralhog.com


Sometimes I don’t shower for 3 months


One word and i now it is J.K. Rowling!🤣

Michael Munoz

Panda won

telina thomas

Some of there idea come from 5 minutes crafts

Elton Vejdal

I dont like that you dont beep stupid but you beep out bully tjata so weierd

Paritosh Nimhan

Team Cody 👍🏻👍🏻



Greed Retard

Hope everyone in this comment sections drowns to deathjus kiddin gotcha gamers1!@`212354nigger3412!

Kai Mathew

You got the gong thing Brods ( I'm Japanese)

ANITA Digioia

Isay high low low high

ItzStarfire Youtube

I-is t-this t-rue?!?!???

Morgan F.

I’m Asian and not excited

Rayol channel

giving ethan the credit card was the worse idea i'm crying

Snowiee!!! :3

When I read Therapist, there was a space in it, so I read The Rapist..

Julian Romero

panda Amish is my favorite

Megan _Nutmeg

I hope you reach you goal💖😊

Roosevelt Davis

This was the first video I saw on dude perfect

hima rahman


Bilawal Bajwa

Nice Video

Nick Giera

coach is evil

Nonde M

It is not allowing me to skip ads...


you just got a new subscriber

Logan Wells

10:47 Random comment


don't worry everyone part 3 is out lol

Megan Layne

Bunny literally pulled the bottom out of the birthday celebration!! 😄😄

bon zuii

When my mom's first child was in her uterus, the child ate their own poop. And now im here.


i loved the minecraft one thats my favorite game in the game lol

Johnattan Khat


Галина Распопова

Not people,they are GODS

Sporty Gamer

Love Dude Perfect


Am i the only one that is wearing adidas and watching this?

ITs ThE YOuTUbe AlGorIThm

They’re playing a game of soccer on a baseball field and there’s no audience

Gracie Marks



Parikshith Beenaveni

IBAKA: 😜😜😜


@FunWithGuru The beginning of the video seemed to be inspired by Cinemasins videos. Am I correct? ;)

wesley marr

Canada all the way

Luis Oreshke

You are kings


Is this real, or made up

*goes back to watching video*

Julia Gauthier

Video minister assess little complex journalist pad weakness proportion.

Mangalam ram

There is no way Tyler couldn't do that

sub2 plz

1:48 banana swirl made me lol so hard


Anyone else annoyed that he was saying Konto instead of Kanto?



Queen Karma

The Government is at it again, I see. Smfh. 🙄😒



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