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Complex Trauma: Understanding and Treatment

Historically, when someone has experienced trauma that has a lasting impact, they have been diagnosed with Posttraumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD). In recent years those who work with trauma victims have advocated for an additional category: Complex Trauma. Therapeutic work with those who have experienced either multiple traumas or repetitive and chronic trauma from a caregiver manifest differently than PTSD and seem to demand a different diagnosis.See more at

Tyffanee Lavely

Tongue out 99.99999% of the time. Looks like he is constantly sedated, and wears crotchless and assless pajamas. I love Marbles.

Joel diaz

Una amiga la trajo 512 para que se la beba es calladita no que no se atreva... ella no era asi no se quien la daño

1-sorry for your lost.

Liam Shellenberger

My dad used to be drunk but it wasnt to bad. He would know not to drive and he still had control over his body too. But there were rough times like he had a seizure once and he went missing for like idk 3 or 4 hours like police involed they said....well I cant really get into that stuff cuz my om could be reading this

Joe Scheibner

I am a guy and I have soft hands. No matter what I do, they never become dry and rough like normal man hands


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Great job cory

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Her: a beaauuuutiful dimond necklace..

Andrew Gostomski

That cats name is The Camera

Anthony Sng

Anybody watching in 2019?


Nope i got the commander in chief edition downloaded my codes (PS3) and it was in my heliport :) (i guess your referring to the bird one?)

Lagstabbing Fiend

It's also a weapon in real life genius.

Dose anyone know that song????

Abhaya D

Lol they look like Cheryl Betty and Veronica in the clickbait

Syzer Spidey

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Thanks Recommendations 😹👍🏾

Jimmy The boi

R.I.P eggie😔 13:00

Breanna Weltzien


Ludde Lilja

1:41 look at Cody😂😂

Elliot Steneudde




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Kahlil Talley

Wolf should graduate

Saugat K.C.

When they play the football with hand and the soccer ball with foot.


do you find them yourself or fans submit them.Because watching every detail 3 times is very hard.(Unless you didnt do it for easter eggs)

G Fouce Shade Co leader

2 01 9Anyone👇🏻

David Hernandez

Dak and Zeke

(Dr. Chandan Singh)

Lack of a Good Name

12:16 LIKE A BOSS!!!

Ella Beans

My boyfriend once asked for pics....

fun times with blossom

Is that the Troom Troom voice?


Aaaw shit man I love a tribe called quest


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