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H Andersonsos

Wow, cant believe there were even more easter eggs in this game. Best easter egg hunter on youtube for sure

noen bot

in France


he had blak her

Read the text otherwise you will be reproducing a complete bastartisation of politics, which for kant would happen in a democracy but never in a republic, btw.


I’m not crying


Fortnite always acting like a big ass build fight and bouta go down when people are shooting at them


Duy Hiếu Bùi

music please

Tomas Galo

Purple hoser all the way

GF Longino

If you like dude perfect sub to me

deoo iopg

Saludosss pa mi suegra la Zoilaaaa♡ ahhahaha

Laurits Grauengaard

Great video!


please get me a t- shirt, and please tellcoby that he's awesome


The actually lost all Source code for this game, so the fact that this thing even exist is amazing

good meme

is the ending to this video the actual ending to the Easter Egg?

Andrew Ebersohl

im nicksv77

Polly The Hedgie

At the and of the day we are all souls driving human bodyes

Rad Rye Guy


Ynot Gamer BR

Não é a mesma dubladora ? Essa Lilith ta com a voz meio grossa.

Fuk Mai Life

I've been using this profile as a joke but also partly how I felt.

Daniel Farji

Fuck all the People who disliked this,they have no Heart.

palmeri the gamer

Drums came in you didn't see that coming what a bar



Maverick Sponsel

Wow Ty is hilarious

I agree. But its kinda weird to say it like that. Really thats not something anybody would want to lose by accident...

ยาโตะ เทพเจ้า 5 เยน!!?

ใครแปลไทยว่ะ โครตฮา ชอบๆ555



dead island was a shitty game....

"The child could have down syndrome! Do-"

Jodi Ho

Booooooooooooooooooooooooooo ty


Would of beenfunny if the video wass 0:01 long lol. This game fucking sucks and i regret buying it

Pink Potato

Why easter egg created every game and every movie

Tiffany Calhoun

Tye you rock

Rohit Guchhait

That's a resilient chicken boy

Marc Gniewyk

So that happened when Oliver was gone in ac 4 it explains it all !!

frikin opens champagne bottle and sprays it on him, probably ruining this poor person's day and another dude's wedding Lmao great vids

Jace Anderson

you guys rock

Lil SmoeJoe

23 Bounces

Feras Fahed



Boise idaho

B Bb


Rebecca Scanlon

I am a loud eater



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