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Denial plaaay

кто руский лайк

It's scary,I'm scared of my dad,I'm scared of them thinking I'm faking,I'm scared because it will be too late Apex is the first Battle Royale game I've enjoyed for longer than a day. Its lead designer also worked on the first two Modern Warfare games, which explains why the gameplay is so great. This video gave me the opportunity to explore one of Respawn's ongoing easter eggs, Nessy, as I never got around to covering them in the Titanfall games. I hope you guys like the video as much I enjoyed making it! Thanks for watching!

Pepe Borja

There was no easter eggs in Black Panther?

not everyone gets the chance.

Maggie McCall

Your the best I love ❤️ this video

lakshman. M


Joyce Razel Roble


S Mancilla


Dude perfect😎

Aleisha Daniel


The New King

Guru is the one youtuber who's uploads make me smile even before I click the video ♡

Mia Lykkegård Møgeltoft Jakobsen


zayvian Robinson

No theres no sound in space.

Karol Vences

18:46 “ my angel “ 💞💞💞💞😫

And thanks to all of the encouraging people that helped me I feel good about myself. And now, when I finally have the diagnosis I have the answers to why I was different. I was diagnosed as 20 years old because I was able to imitate other people well enough to seem somewhat normal in my younger years 😅 but after a few months in hospital with tests about personality and feelings, they figured it out!

Purple Blossom

Was just talkin about this in the ff7 trailer 😢 the game gods are kinda today

Hillbilly 8675

Philly cheese steak from Stan’s

The outside-the-box thinker

Davis Hatler

I’m pretty sure that tattoo is a meat mallet, but it looks so much like Mjolnir

"Smashing, Loud Noises"

Adriana Fong

Los amo

Vladislav Kurdyukov

Just several days ago, about 1 week, I’ve thought about that I miss so much Ronald McDonald. So he had to be renewed not removed from the marketing strategy.

Sam Clabbers

This looks al so much more depressing than the first! Disney I’m disappointed 😞


Emulate Me, The Universe.

The birthday surprise was really nice. Beautifully decorated, cool cake and that gift tho!

Celestine choo


Adam Michaels

Make another build the boat battle I really liked watching it


I love your videos but its a shame you cant upload everyday for ovbious reasons , liked and faved :D

Azmat Ullah


2. If someone has the right to have equal human rights is not just someone’s opinion. Disagreeing with your friend’s opinion is like you don’t like pineapple on pizza and they don’t- not them deeming you unworthy of getting married to the person you love lol That'll make him feel better. I'm like bitch what world you living in

mora david

yo Guru recommend me some good movies will ya?


Brendon Jewell

I remember when Tyler was on the bruins. When he left I stopped to like hockey


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