Aha development


This video contains all the recent news around Deep Silver's game Dead Island 2 and everything you need to know from the story mode to the release date!Equipment I Use to Make my Videos:MICROPHONE: RECORDER: here and get paid for making gaming videos! me on Twitter for latest updates and sneak peaks. Also for a chat! :).

Scout trooper: just a scratch

tells over 1.3 million people on youtube

Okiku Nakamura

i sent this to my dad and grandma

FINALLY!!! ;w;


I didn’t understand what happened at first😳 I was just like WHAAAAAT????

Brett Davy

Meh both stocks go up

“ how I met my best friend who’s a dog”

makes me want to play it again


Thank you so much Guru. Been Watching you since the begining <3

Jessica Tilford

#YIAYjob being disappointed in you


Lol thé rage monstre


Disney is taking all my money this year, seriously:With Endgame, Spiderman, Aladdin, Lion King, Toy Story 4, Maleficent 2, Frozen 2 and I probably forgot something now!

Minerva Perea

Dude perfectis the best

Baseball How Too

They should do a baseball stereotypes video

Dylan Libejas

18 hahah am 18 yes

The N-SF

Ouch The relationship is over, not your life. 2.👍


I didn't know about this HD remake of SotC!!!???!?!?!!!

Ella Johnson

60 yards home run

Everything Golden

Team neckless


No knights of the old republic easter eggs ?

6. felix kjellberg & poppy gloria

This video makes me wonder if this was about her

Bram D

Does anyone else notice that the woman, from the mw3 part, looks like the woman you can play in cod ghosts?

Wolf Yeezy

You missed one go to the island that looks like the Statue of Liberty miagani island go to a church you will see the leap of faith thing and dive from it in leaves


Anyone in 2019 father’s day

Spedicey Meme


Fuck ‘em all 'cause they broke

Alexander's Adventure

You guys are Cristins

Aylin Uribe

I knew that it was a checker board

Elliot Wright

4:02 "you sit on a throne of lies you scumbag

ellie_may 545

You stayed strong. But why did you not tell the police/cops.

Ammar Lonewolf

You should have added " They took my baby " From Doom 3, cause it was faar more creepy


Aéroplane - S-crew

Daniel Fomichev


Chris Baker

Still wasn't a catch.. you know why? The game is over lol.


for the bigfoot side quest u get a diffrent achievment if u play the italian (i have no idea how to spell italian and i am 11 :3) version u get an acheivment that says (i think it says this) you can stop looking CJ.

fatima zahra nasrullah

I really needed a video like this atm😭💫

Exotic Flame


kluckk cowington

Dude perfect swimming pool trick shots like skipping a ball through all the lap lanes and backflip basketball shots into the water like if you agree


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