Aha development

Developmental biology 2012

Model organisms

Meme Machine

Meh I don't really like Easter eggs that are just referring to only the developers games


Only true nip fans in here

Laila .Askri

Hack this game


When i was small i saw those hieroglyphics on a lego set and i didn't know what it was

Lazu Pro Bernhartd

my faborite part is The filling

Ry Lew

best cod of all time

Little Miss Potato

There was ALOT of Flowers in this video

Jimmy garcia

I made that song

coldfrost dodde

if she is single it is noticable he is so akward around her

Mina Mina

I feel you I too had long hair and cancer took it away.☹

Savannah Schultz

You guys aRe better then the Chicago bears kicker

Hunter Cruz

Lol borderlands 2 easter egg XD minecraft!!! =D

Meaghan Nolan

panda will win

The dab crew Maali family

3:54 Tyler goes crazy

Alon Raigorodetsky

To all joking about it. She was depressed by the fact that she was the only healthy person in the family and she had to see all of her loved once suffer daily. Which is not easy.


yo who is this hazel from the beginning somebody link up the insta or something

adam dickman

love the song!

Oliver Short

I ment you sed

Adam Miller

So I did some research. Now I think everyone is in the wrong. First, she had 7 years in the United States building her family. The wrong thing was, even though she was granted temporary access, she put off the registration process. By average, it takes about 3 years to fully complete it. Now the government is in the wrong because it is not fast enough. I hope this shed some light on lawmakers, voters, and future voters.

Teyfik Mert

the mushroom reference to far cry 3 I guess


Do part 3 of video games of all time.

Unicorns Rule

Who else cried watching this

Ali Yiğit Akça

I love ty but can someone else win

Xxsplashin Xx

Go sub to me

Jordan Jesin


Jake’s Vlogs


Abdul Ahad

I'm gonna share this video to dude perfect because I have no friends,no family, no contacts so I'm just saying that I sahred it to dude perfect


Chili's vs Applebees vs TGI Fridays



A,.!? A,.!?

Hey, why isn’t there golf on there

Manit Bhargava

There is nothing that dude perfect people can do.They all have broken up the records that were never could be broken.They are amazing 👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍

Edd The Pingu

i eat alot of sugar, and ive never gotten a single cavity lol


13:55 Magyar? 😅

rasstyyy 338

Я один русский обожаю их?


Ty 16

Filipe Kudlek

great vid man keep it up


i perfer android cuz you can literally do anything on it

Alec Kearns


Jose Agustin

I knew the lol easter egg but i didnt know it was a referenc to bo 2


wow number was one so visible how the hell didnt they notice that


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