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Sad: Paramecium squashed to death by cover glass, organelles spilling out | Microscopy

My other youtube microscope channel: the website: Shop: this before posting a comment! There are people who get upset when seeing this video, because they identify with the paramecium. It is not an animal and it does not have a nervous system and brain! Cell death can be often observed under the microscope. Cells disintegrate, get eaten up, dry up, break open or something goes wrong during cell division etc. When you wash your hands you kill millions of cells that grow on your skin. When you eat yogurt the acid in your stomach kills billions of yogurt bacteria. When you brush your teeth, you kill countless bacteria - many of them are not harmful.In any case, the cell in the video was not killed deliberately, but happened to be sandwiched between slide and cover glass. Paramecia are single-celled organisms, they are protozoa, and do not have a nervous system (and therefore no brain to feel pain). They do not have an individuality. The cell was taken from a pond water sample. Had I returned it to the pond water, it would have been eaten up by amoeba or water fleas. Feel sorry about the plants and animals (and humans!) that have to die because of pollution and other damages that people do to the environment.Other youtube videos that show that death under the microscope is as natural and normal as reproduction and "birth":


✅Finance & Management | 20 Day Strategy for RBI Grade B by Radhey (AIR 13) | RBI Grade B Phase II

In this Video Radhey S Baid (AIR 13) RBI Grade B Exam is sharing important tips on how to prepare Finance & Management for RBI Grade B Phase 2 Exam. Subscribe to gradeup for latest updates and get answers to your queries: this video, he mentioned his personal experience on how he became a RBI Manager along with the important information related to RBI Grade B Exam like notification details and who can apply for the examination for Finance and Management Section.Along with the important info, he explained about how the career looks like for the people who will be joining as the manager down the lane.Please watch the video and comment if in case you have any doubts related to Finance and Management Section of RBI Grade B Examination.1) Get free mock test on RBI Grade B Exam here (and check where you stand out among all the aspirants.2) Click here (to visit gradeup website to get all the information related to RBI Grade B officer exam. You can post a query and get them resolved by your peers and mentors also.Practice unlimited questions on RBI Grade B Exam and maximize your chances of scoring high in the exam.3) Download gradeup app here (to get all the latest information, tips and tricks and other important information related to RBI Grade B Examination.#gradeup #rbigradeb #rbi


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