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Diet and Exercise: Living With Prostate Cancer

(Visit: The role of diet and exercise in addressing prostate cancer with June Chan, UCSF. Recorded on 06/08/2019. Series: "Prostate Cancer Patient Conference" [Professional Medical Education] [Show ID: 34972]

In Out

You have amazing parents i wish there my parents!

Kamari Wilhite



Skip Bayless is such a troll I swear


its not fake its just the camera angle


3:43 Quien es el que canta???????????????

Darie Jeffthekiller


Katherine Mockler

Panda is easily the best of of all of them

Dead Zone

He would lead his people to hell


brian Turnock

Thanks guru

Caleb Yazzie

Hi guru :)


do tomb raider ^^


Bell game

Omg #frozen2 #sucessototal

lilyan goran

For some reason I act like a cat 🐈 please sent a comment for why I love cats soooo much and why I act like one?

Maggie McGill

I love this series so much!! Awesome that you found a local designer who offered plus sizes, the clothes were beautiful and Kristin looked BOMB. I did wonder if you had many options of local shops or if that was the only one? I'm throwing DC into the ring as places to travel because I don't know of any local shops that sell plus here!

Miriam janeth Pérez valdez

rug you got to win

Ozzie Ozkay-Villa


like sis you can’t say you don’t agree with the LGBT community and not be a homophobe

Valerior 9

And then I passed out AD

brennan hair

You are the best

CrazyCatKid 132

Raise your hand if you had to Google the meaning of Quadriplegic.

Colton Hays

Can’t believe it has been 2 years since coby won his first battle

Jarrett Smith

I'd love to see you guys drive a ball through a pool noodle.

Paola Rebollo

Omg this was totally not the way I thought it was going to end

Raoul Pereira

Gosh, the boyfriend is a psychological abuser.

RoyaleSSA Gaming

Hey look Cody won a battlr

Beomgyu Txt

100% of the comments

Wolfie's World


Harjot singh

Fuck I thought at first I have depression and anxiety then I Cronic depression, Biopoler and now I think this one as well .........

William Marshall

I cannot believe shes 52

Bryer Turner



Zach Berkson

How long does it take you to make these shots

In these stories

dopeboy solid

Do trick shots with lemelo ball

Nate Benson

I want a golden hamburger

veronica o;

ok but whats with the apostrophe in hawaii


make more sterotypes

SGC Scoops

what song is used in this video?


My parents punished me, but they supported me- as long as I was making a good choice.

Chill Intro


Jitesh Kumar meena


Flower on Discord

I have one social media account, instagram and I don’t use it.



Michael Jin

3:09 i didnt know there were so many skittles in 1 bag

Austin Life

2019 anyone


Joe Heley

but i still luv ur vids

Zackary Howell

i dicoferd the portal easter egg by mustake

Sun Kim

Love it when ty wins

Nerdy White

Congrats on 10 mill

Thanos Ruler of the University of Kentucky

I like how some made it, and didn’t. 🙂

Kian Dhanoa

i Love you tiy


Congrats on episode 100!!!!!!


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