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༄Kîm Ēdîts༄

I saw this exact story on a different channel 🤦🏻 idk who copied who

okkie mnsiregar

moba kok analog?


Jake is a brat

And because of her death, I was more moody and sensitive- I lost focus in my grades and kept pushing everyone away from me.


Bitcoin on the rise. Will fortnite accept it?

Antonio Perez

I still believe in you coby

Lesley McPherson

Baseball is the best sport by far 100 likes minimum

elesis sieghart

kinda have the feeling you'll make this kind of,video

David Leslie

These videos are far too satisfying to watch

Cynical Synthetic

OH, cool


For the several people who have OCD: OCD is a mental disorder, it stands for Obsessive Compulsive Disorder. It is when you are doing a constant everyday ritual that in the end serves no real purpose. People with OCD feel as if they don't do that specific thing, something bad will happen. This includes constantly checking to see if the door is locked, constantly checking to see if the oven is off, counting footsteps, etc. If you are think about wanting everything to be cleaned and aligned, you DO NOT have OCD. If you feel as if it is necessary to be cleaned and everything to be aligned, resulting in you checking to see if it is clean and aligned several times a day, you do have OCD. OCD is a serious disorder, I understand that some of you are misunderstood, but please do not normalize it from now on. Many people have suffered from depression and some have taken their lives because of this disorder.



Ummm Pyramids are tombs have to do with death. Anyone else find that ironic?

This video is just such a slap in the face to any LGBT+ person who has ever been a victim of homophobia.

Roy Zheng



get that piece of crap out of here!!! 1:53

StarBoiGibson Heisler

Me he's amazing

Alep Daniol


Michael Marshall

Reminds me of force unleashed

newvideos hale

You like ruffles


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