Aha development

Doll Test

Video that BSC4 Scholars watched on 2/712

Davis Conger

you should bank it off the huge screen

Fire Fox

How do you get the temporary profile picture on this?

Bayonet 88


Spartan Gaming

Cody E


So cool... ^^I know you all saw what I did there, whether I meant to or not.

The Little Chef


Jean Viljoen

Wow Amazing well done

Simply Erica

Storyboard: Jesus

Kosta Ilieski

I don't know how I ended up here

Thor Nelson

last one so danm cool

Amanda Awai

Mahalo nui loa for supporting our local artists 🥰🤙🏽♥️

Viper Fang

ifyou play minecraft youll notice quotes up the top and theres aquote saying "who is notch?"

artistic_n0nesense_ 01

how did a Filipino get in in a far away from the Philippines? you know like how did you get there anyways


I really in love with animals and my dogs saved me from depression too

Brian Parsons

good Lord almighty...that was freakin' epic


I just finished this game and I absolutely LOVED it! Great video as always Guru!

Changsan Hmar

i have subscribe in 5 of my parents phone i have even share 11 of my cousins

Robertha sam

He is a really stinker. . You done see what he would be

Mini Trickshotter




Karson Williams

This is so cringe



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