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Donald Trump Victory Speech

On Election Day, Donald Trump was voted America's 45th president. In the early hours of the next day, he gave a victory speech to the nation. He will be officially sworn into office January 20, 2017.Originally published at -


did you mean football?

Grand Theft Auto V // Ep.55 - Coming Soon

Demasiada monotonía


Excercise to get abs and become the rock

Ellie Jasmine x

Just know that she is always with you and protecting you we’re ever you go. She is so proud of you.

Dyanne Rocco Ilaria

I just want to know. If KD comes back, but isnt 100%, struggles, and Warriors end up losing by 5 points or so, will SAS go off on First Take in the morning, saying "KD ruined the Warriors chance to stay in the series by coming back too soon" ??? like he blamed Hayward all season for supposedly ruining the Celtics, eventho Hayward then came off the bench, and stats showed team was better with Hayward and not Kyrie?


Don't think anyone will see this but I just posted my first song on YouTube and it's inspired by the stranger things theme. If anyone sees this and can stop by my Channel and give it a listen and tell me what they think I'd appreciate it so much



Fyah Impla

it's 4am in my country and i really need to sleep...... whatever sleeping is overrated

goreala ghost

Second dont know

more memes

Marmalade Mac

Make number 3

Collin DelMastro

That Liam guy looks like Thor 🤔

Sir Quacc

That ending was just depressing

Beasty Games

DP is the best YouTube channel in the world when ever I get home I watch them and when my mom and dad come we watch you guys on the TV keep on doing what you are doing and thank you so much for being awsome

Alex Schofield

You guys should do Deep Creek Lake, MD next!

Gord Cairns

Sidney crosby next

Xavier Rivera

Just like Dillon said all kids are different but at the end of the day we all must be respected for who we truly are

Ragya Verma

you should do a video with lebron james

Your rap girl singer 2

This is was cool


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